Would an iPhone work in space outside of a space station?

The International Space Station (ISS) rotates 16 times a day around the Earth. Depending on your location, you can even see it from your home, with the help of online tools that indicate where to look up to the sky.


From space, Thomas Pesquet observes the Earth from the Cupola, the bay window of the International Space Station … and you? You can also watch the International Space Station (ISS) pass from the floor of the cows, the ISS being the third brightest space object to be seen from Earth.

But without knowing where and when to look, identifying it in the starry sky would be like looking for a cosmic needle in a heavenly haystack. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps and websites with the best viewpoints to observe the largest artificial satellite ever placed in orbit .

A notification from the sky … on the screen or in the pocket

The first tool available to Internet users, the service Spot the station put online by NASA. By entering your geolocation, you can know the exact dates, transits and durations of each flight over the ISS above you (see example below for the city of Paris).

Another US website, ISS Tracker , allows you to know where the station is in real time (latitude, longitude, relative speed).

But the Space Station can also (indirectly) send a notification directly in your pocket, on the screen of your smartphone! On iPhone, ISS Finder offers you free to receive an alert when the ISS is visible from the GPS location recorded by your phone.

Android devices are not left out either, since the ISS Detector Space Stationapplication provides them with an equivalent service.

And for those who dream of donning the suit and go into space in the footsteps of Yuri, Neil, Thomas and others, they can find the real-time images of the Earth from the sky (from the cameras on board). the inhabited satellite) on the ISS onLive Android app.

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