Why your business will migrate to cloud storage

Why your business will migrate to cloud storage

Small businesses benefit from cloud storage

A study out of Brazil identified the greater use of solutions cloud storage for small businesses. But it is not only the example from abroad that should inspire you to invest in technology. Are the benefits of it are responsible for convincing him that.A management system that connects the areas of your business: the financial to the commercial

The cloud gains strength

The German company’s information technology (IT) Paessler AG conducted a study with 2,000 entrepreneurs in Germany itself, the United Kingdom and the United States. Called The State of Cloud Acceptance by SMBs , research (see the full English) aimed to update information on the use of solutions cloud by smaller establishments.

Among the respondents, 63.5% were business managers with fewer than 500 employees . And the acceptance of the technology has yielded very positive results.

According to the survey, 80.1% of managers approve the adoption of a strategy cloud storage in small businesses , considering who already use any tool with this technology and those who intend to adopt it.

The result took the founder and CEO of Paessler Dirk Paessler, claiming that the solutions cloud computing (as the technology is called in English) should “forever change the way small businesses deal with IT.”

Among the entrepreneurs who said they already use some cloud solution, those cited as most popular were:

  • Hosting sites and blog and content management: 39%
  • E-mail: 32%
  • File Sharing: 32%.

Already the target in 2018, the respondents plan to add applications such as:

One must consider, of course, that the study of Paessler not related entrepreneurs in Brazil . Still, much of the companies offering cloud storage in the participating countries also act here.

If you believe this trend of expansion of solutions using the technology in our country, certainly has good reasons to adhere to them, as we shall see in the sequel.

5 Reasons to migrate to cloud storage

The cloud storage can bring together a number of advantages to your business. Let us list the main of them below, starting with one aspect that sometimes is mistakenly seen as a disadvantage of technology: data security.

1. It is safer

The survey of Paessler found that, among those still wary of the cloud, the predominant concern for the safety of the data. To 44.7% of them, this is the main obstacle to using technology. The explanation for this may be another factor elected by them as an impediment: a lack of knowledge on the subject.

Having your company’s information stored in the cloud is much safer than physically store them on your computer or on a flash drive, for example. Proof of this came with the recent cyberattack WannaCry , which affected more than 300 000 devices in 150 countries.

With a kind of ransomware , criminals appropriated data companies blocked access to them and demanded payment in bitcoins to release. This type of scam does not affect those who use cloud storage.

Want more? In 2016, attacks ransomware grew 752 %, causing a loss of approximately $ 1 billion, or R $ 3.2 billion, according to a report from Trend Micro, which operates in cloud security.

2. Extends access to information

This is undoubtedly a great advantage that only the cloud storage offers. How the information is on the Internet – and not on your computer – you can access them from anywhere , at any time. Simply be connected.

For those who use ContaAzul , for example, either by computer or mobile phone, you can check payments and receipts, analyze cash flow, refer to the customer base, send electronic invoices and launching slips, and other features, yet are the kilometers of the company.

This convenience ensures greater control manager on the information that interest you most. So he did not need to carry a lot of papers for a business meeting outside the company’s headquarters, for example.

3. Raises productivity

Imagine having a management system installed on a computer and it works only on that machine. Besides the risk of it being hijacked by cybercriminals or even be defective, this operation is not very productive.

It is very different from a software with cloud storage, which, besides being accessed from any location also allows the simultaneous entry by different devices – not just the ticket, as the fulfillment of tasks by different people at once.

Like any system or online application, access is by login with username and password. In practice, a seller does not need to return the company to register a customer . Similarly, if there is an important document being prepared, it can literally be produced by several hands , after all, all interested parties the access and contribute in real time.

4. Qualify internal communication

In fact many businesses, the manager spends more time outside than inside the company. But that does not diminish the need to keep in touch with the team. If this happens to you, what does? Spend horrors phone to stay abreast of everything?

Thanks to technology, it is no longer necessary because there are solutions like Google Hangouts that allows even conduct video conferences without having to install any program on your computer. Similarly, Skype also has its web version, which requires no installation.

By using this kind of tool on a daily basis, you expand the possibilities for your team to communicate, which reduces friction , eliminate misunderstandings and qualifies how internal processes are conducted.

5. Generates economy

The example of the phone already hinted, but there’s more savings opportunities open for a solution with cloud storage. Another financial advantage is that the technology reduces the need for paper in the company.

In addition, it allows you to perform processes that require high performance without investing in a large computer structure. Break, this generates significant savings to avoid expenses with employee training, computer maintenance and software updates.

What’s more, most companies that offer cloud solutions has plans and varying prices . This allows only hire the service you need, even if it is to solve a specific demand.

You are already in the cloud?

We have seen in this article that cloud storage is already a reality and tends to appear with greater involvement and new services in small businesses. If you still twists the nose for technology, it is good to review concepts, for this kind of solution simplifies demands that once seemed complex.

Your only job as a manager will be to ensure a good connection to the internet , which does not necessarily mean high speed.

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