Why the future of digital video?

Why the future of digital video?

The most important thing to know about the digital-video: statistics, graphs, trends and forecasts in the study to eMarketer .

We present the main theses of the study, which can be useful to you in developing a marketing strategy for the next year.

1)  TV and Digital work most effectively in a complex

The multi-platform video advertising – it is not a trend, but a necessity. In the US, the number of marketers, including a strategy for cross-platform video advertising grew by 46% over the past two years.


Traditionally video campaigns start with TV Flyte connecting other channels following:


2. The share of programmatic-procurement TV advertising in 2016 increased by 2 times

In the coming years this growth trend will continue. And the purchase of advertising will be combined with digital-video, share programmatika which is already 84%.


  1. Digital has overtaken the traditional channels of consumption time 

Time spent watching TV and other traditional channels per day is reduced, and when viewing digital-video to the next year will grow by 43%.


  1. Digital video advertising market will continue to grow

The share of the cost of TV advertising is higher than the proportion of users attention to this channel. The digital-video situation is reversed, indicating a great potential for further growth of video online. 


5.  Video – one of the fastest growing digital-format

Digital-video on the second place in terms of budget growth. In the first place – rich-media formats, which are in turn increasingly contain video. 


  1. Mobile video is growing faster than desktop

Consumption of video on mobile devices is growing much faster, and the volume of mobile video in 2020 almost on par with desktop:


7. Display budgets will continue to flow into digital

Digital – is the only media channel in which budgets will grow by 2020.


The situation in Ukraine

Ukraine has traditionally lagged behind global trends, so the main trends still await us in the near future. But in our reality budgets for online video is growing rapidly, taking up an increasing share of the cake in the media Internet advertising. The rate of growth to the budget – a leader among other formats. Learn more about trends videsmotreniya in Ukraine we have already mentioned here .


The study describes the main trends in the US advertising market, which will be relevant in the next three years. The peak growth of video and mobile advertising in the US market came in 2015-2016 years. Ukrainian market behind the United States the trend for several years, and is just the thing to the highest growth dynamics of these channels. In 2016, mobile advertising will increase by several times, and video ads will increase by more than 100%.


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