Which Trend Will Transform HealthCare?

What are the main trends and advances in the health area that will be discussed during 2018? 

With the help of its specialists, the Top Doctors digital platform takes a tour of the keys to research and technological development, as well as trends in health that will play an important role in the coming years. Robotic surgery, 3D simulation, internet of things, medical marketing, social boom of wellness and ‘health friendly’ …

1. Robotic surgical surgery .

The operating rooms are becoming more intelligent and doctors are equipped with digital tools that makes their movements much more accurate. The main driver of this aspect at present is the Da Vinci Robot, a machine already available in at least 24 Spanish operating theaters that has several millimetric precision arms that the surgeon can handle over the patient from the other side of the room, although I could do it from any other city or country.

2. Simulation and 3D printing .

 Health, like other pioneering industries, has risen to the trolley of 3D simulation, and both biomedical and pharmaceutical companies and research organizations are betting on this technique that allows to accelerate the design and development of products, treatments or surgical procedures. way prior to the actual intervention. In this way, it is possible to evaluate the results in advance and multiply the possibilities of personalization and efficiency ratios of treatments and processes. According to the Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC), the in silico (computer) research model could represent more than 50% of future clinical trials.

3. Wereables and the internet of things .

Beyond the wristbands and smart watches that allow the athlete to monitor their physical condition, weareable devices are an important medical tool for the safety and vigilance of patients under treatment, and for assistance to the elderly or disabled. Among the number of possibilities of the wearers is to directly send the information to the doctor for a faster and better monitoring of dependent or chronic patients. They represent a very important advance, because medicine is increasingly oriented towards patients improving their self-care, and if they do not have data they can not take care of themselves.

4. The Big Data of health .

Thanks to the analysis of large-scale data provided by new technologies, the health system can multiply its knowledge at different levels (clinical, social, administrative, healthcare, hospital …) in order to become more efficient and effective. An incredible asset, in addition, for research, which manages to access and structure results that are increasingly precise and personalized, with millions of variables.

5. Medical marketing and online appointment 24h .

The patient searches the internet for information about diseases and checks the diagnoses that his doctor has given him. Track to find the best specialists, compare and review the ratings of other patients. Therefore, more and more doctors are digitized, communicate about their profession and take their consultation to the internet. “Studies show that having an online booking system that allows you to make an appointment, change time or cancel it at any time of the day from your phone or computer increases medical appointments in consultation,” says Alberto Porciani, CEO of Top Doctors.

6. Accessibility to medical quality and better healthcare professionals .

More and more webs and health applications are available to the patient that allow to find and request consultation easily from any device to the highest certified doctors in our country. This type of apps allows you to have at your fingertips and save in personal sites a list of specialists and medical centers, the doctors’ records, their trajectory, curriculum, merits and evaluations, as well as all kinds of specialized health content. .

7. Boom in wellness and “health friendly” .

Welfare and health care has gone from being a New Year’s resolution to being part of our daily priorities. Fashion evolves and becomes a lifestyle, getting more and more followers who join the practice of sports and healthy eating. In fact, it is an increasingly incentivized objective in our society, whose future is directed towards the achievement of a sustainable and ‘health friendly’ city.

8. Search for emotional health and happiness .

Science has shown the need to develop a higher level of inner consciousness as the only way to happiness. “Little by little, this aspect is taking relevance in sectors as important as education, where they begin to contemplate and study skills such as personal growth from the point of view of emotional control and thus overcome the concepts of intellectual competitiveness or work that prevail in our society today, “says Marina Bassas, Marina Bassas Vivó, clinical psychologist.

9. Donations and transplants .

Spain beat its own record of organ donation and transplants in 2016. In total, 4,818 transplants were made thanks to the generosity of 2,018 donors. The waiting list, moreover, was reduced for almost all organs. According to studies, Spanish citizens are the most likely to have access to a transplant in the world when they need it, since the donation rate reached 43 donors per million inhabitants.

10. Boom in medical tourism and welfare .

 It is increasingly common for tourists to include health experiences in their trips, as they consider their holidays as a real break. In this way we look for spaces where to enjoy cultural activities, but also where we can develop to promote wellbeing and receive therapeutic, beauty or recovery treatments. It is also increasingly common the demand of Spanish experts by foreigners in specialized areas such as dermatology, assisted reproduction, gynecology and aesthetic medicine.

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