Which Is The Latest Developing Technology In The Field Of Automobile Engineering?

The 7 most fascinating techie advances of the cars of tomorrow

The automotive industry expresses the best definition of the concept of “moving forward”. Validate the description of two meanings: advance in practical terms, in plan to anticipate the space, and move forward in a temporal line, in terms of innovation. Both interpretations are manifested in a transparent and didactic way for the purposes of their application in the sector.

The technology has absorbed the cars without hesitation, signing an implicit consent . The promise of driving autonomy, of models without pedals or steering wheels and the prediction of flying cars will probably come. Before, on an intermediate scale, in the transition to this paradigm rupturista, there will be innovative, perhaps secondary, functions that will come to an end in the near future. Advances in the world of cars at the service of technology, examples of the constant progress in the evolution of mobility .

Motion reader

The premise is to facilitate the functions on board and reduce potential distractions of the pilots. It is based on the control of gestures, the reading of movements: answering a call, raising and lowering the volume, expanding and minimizing GPS maps, the options are multiple and intelligent. Companies such as Audi, BMW, Lexus and Volkswagen have already developed efficient software for such purposes .

Automatic brakes

One of the most urgent and indispensable innovations . The action of the automatic brakes is the most popular modern security system in the new technologies of the automotive companies. It works in emergencies: in case of collision risk and no driver reaction, the car brakes autonomously. This way, you could avoid the accident or at least reduce its severity. Although integrated into many models, their efficiency is relative. Mercedes-Benz and Volvo offer the most complete brakes : they distinguish fixed objects, vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and animals. They operate 24 hours a day regardless of the quality of vision and are able to prevent accidents by traveling at 100 kilometers per hour.

3D holograms

A novelty that is expected for the next five years. The transfer of the icons from the digital instrumentation panel to the 3D format . The holographic projection will guarantee the visual and didactic impact, and will grant speed and efficiency to manipulate the infotainment functions of the vehicle: GPS, music, various projections and other technological applications.

Green wave

A prototype system tested by brands such as BMW, Ford and Audi analyzes how to time the traffic lights that will intervene in the planned route. They estimate that this technology will provide qualitative benefits in the modern era and, above all, with the paradigm shift of autonomous vehicles. The driver will know how to calculate the exact time of travel between both points by studying the rhythm of the traffic lights . The service will also help to decongest traffic in large cities.

Remote parking

Parking the car from outside the vehicle is another technology that will invade the industry in the coming years. Automotive like BMW and Mercedes-Benz already offer it in their exclusive models: keys or smartphones will be used to manipulate the address from a distance . The system is useful for parking in small spaces, where for reasons of space the door can not be opened to descend from the vehicle. Even manufacturers like Land Rover contemplate using this solution for off-road driving. The mission: to preserve the physical integrity of the occupants in complex areas such as a narrow passage on the edge of a cliff.

Transparent trucks

It was launched in February last year at the Autodromo de La Plata, Roberto José Mouras. It is a powerful innovation with strong national impulse, which reached a global popularity. It was named ” Safety Truck ” and belongs to a technological development of Samsung, with the support of Leo Burnett, Ingemática, Helvetica and Volvo Trucks Argentina. The trucks are equipped with cameras on their foreheads that reproduce images of their visual field in the back of the trailer, connected to a video-wall of four monitors, so that the cars that circulate behind can more accurately evaluate safe overtaking maneuvers .

Living room

Volantes hiding, pedals eradicated, retractable seats, rotating, manipulable, windshield movie mode , autonomous vehicles revolutionize the way of traveling. From the next decade, according to industry predictions, when the autopilot starts to invade the market, the interior of the car will adapt to the driving mode. All the companies that have offered autonomous prototypes oriented the interior to leisure, well-being and the use of time: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Ford .


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