What’s the coolest tech right now?

Among technology experts we are currently in a period of ‘boring gadgets’. According to some, ‘software is devouring the world’ and this is the main reason that no interesting hardware has been published for a long time.

But even though our smartphones may have replaced many of our former gadgets, there is still a lot of interesting stuff. Our colleagues from TIME put together a list with the beauty that 2018 brought to date.

01 Space X Falcon 

SpaceX falcon

Previously, the so-called ‘multi-stage’ missiles landed in numerous pieces on earth or in the ocean after their launch, after which they could be thrown directly into the trash. Until now. In March, SpaceX launched their first Falcon 9 rocket, a rocket capable of returning in one piece to earth by landing in a vertical position. The new technology would save a lot of money. Every year hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in the construction of missiles that can only be used once. The reuse of missiles is a very valuable concept of SpaceX.

02 Samsung Galaxy S8


After the PR debacle about the exploding Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is back with the Galaxy S8. The Korean tech giant provided its latest mobile with a fantastic screen, longer battery life and a great camera. The curved screen gives a feeling of boundlessness, and movies and games are displayed even better. Although the S8 is not perfect – the voice assistant was not ready at the launch and the fingerprint scanner is oddly placed – he comes pretty close.

03 Snapchat Spectacles 


You understand Snapchat or you do not understand. The recently launched Evan Spiegel company recently demonstrated its strength when it launched sunglasses with camera function. Because he was easy to install, had reasonable video quality and looked fashionable , the glasses were very popular. But mainly because Snap Inc. the glasses distributed in limited editions through randomly placed ‘candy vending machines’, the glasses became a real phenomenon in America.

04 Here One 


The Here One earplugs from Doppler Labs go beyond the silent transmission of music in your ear. Because they are equipped with microphones and sound processors, you can use the earplugs to manipulate the sounds in your environment. Is there a crying child behind you on the plane? With the press of a button you can remove the annoying sound. Currently, the Here One’s are especially good at removing background noise in general, but with the newer models, the users could check specific sounds as a master in your own audio universe.

05 Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel


Nice for us Dutch, a robotic bicycle wheel that reinforces the movements of the cyclist so he can cycle 40 kilometers per hour instead of 25 kilometers per hour. Looks like a simple bicycle wheel but is packed with the latest technologies, such as an integrated engine with removable battery, a wireless sensor that sends data to your mobile phone and brake pads that repair themselves.

06 LG Signature W-Series “Wallpaper” TV

wallpaper TV

TV makers are faced with a difficult two-way battle today: on the one hand, consumers ask for screens that show films and series as sharply as possible, while at the same time ensuring that these eye-catching displays go as inconspicuously as possible with the design of the displays. living room. With the LG Signature W-Series “Wallpaper” TV it seems more likely that you have a living painting in the room than a television.

07 eSight 3 


The eSight 3 is a visor that helps visually impaired persons navigate through an HD camera and a video screen. eSight can, among other things, read street signs and map out routes for the user. According to experts, the headset is the closest that currently comes close to ‘augmented reality’.

08 Microsoft Surface Laptop

microsoft surface laptop

The new Microsoft Surface Laptop has to become the major competitor of Apple’s highly successful Macbook Air. Microsoft has equipped its conventional laptop with a more battery-friendly operating system called Windows 10 S. The new technology must also compete with Google’s Chromebook. For $ 999 each, Microsoft wants to focus on schools and other educational circles with the Surface Laptop.

09 Nintendo Switch


The latest game system from Nintendo costs about € 300 and is a console and a handheld in one. The Switch can in fact be connected to the television or taken into a compact version on the go. Now only Nintendo has the task to release some legendary video games for Switch.

10 Raspberry Pi Zero W


In the world of microprocessors the motto applies: the smaller the better. This vision has been elaborated in the new Raspberry Pi Zero W, a series of micro-computers. The processor makes it possible for everyone to set up their own 32-bit computer system for only $ 10 with Linux as the operating system and with wireless connectivity. A definitive breakthrough in the democratization of personal computers.

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