What is the most amazing gadget ever?

Although the “average user” often focuses on the advancement of smartphones and PCs, technology evolves in many more ways. Today we are going to show you something different:  the 5 most strange and surprising gadgets.  But notice, not all are good ideas …

1. Vapshot : inhale your drink

Vapshot is one of those machines that everyone would want for a “Project X”. Able to serve 720 vapshots per hour and produce 1,500 with a 750ml bottle , the machine works by evaporating small amounts of drink that then go straight to a kind of hose adapted for you to inhale.

Through the traditional method, alcohol passes through the mouth, stomach, intestine and finally into the bloodstream, where you begin to notice its effects. However, nasally, this state of happiness can reach much faster .

His company describes it as a means to feel the true taste of liquor, although to me it seems a “dangerous” way to experiment with drinking …

2. ChefJet Pro : a very sweet 3D printer

Undoubtedly my favorite, ChefJet Pro is able to print sweets with various flavors : chocolate, vanilla, apple, watermelon and cherry. Forget to be an expert in the kitchen to make those sweets that go so well in the snack with just adding a little water, sugar and coloring.

3. Grillbot: get rid of the nightmare of cleaning the grill

He who has not left for another time the cleaning of the furnace, let him throw the first stone. We all know that it is an unpleasant task, although the inventor of the Grillbot has taken it more into account than anyone else. This gadget is  a robot that is responsible for cleaning the grid of our oven or barbecue  using three metal brushes that remove the remains to make it clean like a whistle.

Perhaps the only drawback is its price: $ 129 with which I could buy the services of my roommate more than once.

4. Youm: a flexible and almost indestructible phone

Even though it’s not exactly a gadget, Samsung’s Youm deserves a place on the list. Flexible technology is a curious subject, especially because it is able to withstand any shock. Although the Samsung Youm already has its time, its technology is being a good base for other products such as the Galaxy Note Edge, with a similar screen that curves on the right side.

5. The Cloud: a literal cloud

Technology can also be brought into art and vice versa, and that’s when artifacts like this one are born: The Cloud, a cloud that perfectly simulates the sounds and light of a storm.

In addition, it has a night mode and integrated Bluetooth with which to listen to music to the rhythm of the rumble. You just have to see it in action:

But of course, art is expensive, and although you like to sleep with the sound of lightning and rain in the background, you probably are not willing to pay the $ 3,400 it costs.

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