What Are The Upcoming Trends In Web Design?

7 Web design trends you should know

What should be clear before reviewing these 7 web design trends, is that not all trends are for everyone. What works for another does not have to work on your website or like your target audience.

You must choose a trend that is in balance with the objectives of your company. Otherwise, the message may get confused and go out.

For example, a company that sells innovative technology products should not choose the vintage style for their website, however fashionable it may be, it does not match.

In this article we are going to know seven web design trends, so you can renew your page by choosing the one that best suits your company’s objectives.

The web design trends that we will analyze below are:

  • Cinemagraphs.
  • Full screen videos.
  • Micro-interactions
  • Animations in scroll.
  • Parallax.
  • PWA
  • Typographic design


An animated image that comes out combining photography and video. Most of the image is static, but some element of it has movement. In the example, everything is a normal photograph except waterfall water that moves. You can see the effect by entering the web, the image is linked.

The purpose of this tool is to surprise the user, who will be faced with a supposedly normal image that suddenly begins to move.

Full screen videos

In this case, the bottom of the web is a video that occupies the entire browser screen. The menus on the page are superimposed on the same video. There are no blank spaces on the screen. These webs are more immersive and attractive for the user.


They are small interactions between a device or web and the user. You can improve the experience of visitors to your website with them.

Even if you think you do not know what it is, you use it every day, an example is the button to put a smartphone in silence; when you press the mobile it is without sound and an icon appears on the screen that tells you that the phone is silent.

They have four phases:

  • Trigger : the button to activate it.
  • Rule : what happens next, the function of the button.
  • Feedback : is the response given by the device or the web in this case.
  • Loop : it is the time that lasts and if it is repeated.

An example is the images that you can compare with a simple mouse movement, so one side of the bar is an image and the other side the other image. You can move it to see more than one type or the other.

Scrolling animations

This technique allows the user of your web to move horizontally in it and the contents are displayed in an animated way. Makes the vision of your website more fun and entertaining for potential customers.

The company Apple is an expert in this type of computing resources.


If you access a website, you scroll and you see that the background is moving at a speed that the content can be sure that the designer of this page has used the parallax technique.

It is a design that was seen a lot in 2017 and that uses different layers that help you create a small depth effect on your website and every time users scroll through the screen you will see parts of the background that were not visible before.


They are the abbreviations in English of progressive web applications. Why progressive? Because they are applications, which change their functionality according to the capacity of the device in which they are running.

This means that if a user of your website opens it from a smartphone, it will use the necessary functions so that the content is optimally seen in it; but if another user opens it on a computer, the web will be adapted and optimized to that device.

Typographic design

The typography itself and the ordering of it, has a lot of impact on the experience of your customers and users. When designing a website, the ideal is that the typography serves to complement the design of it.

Of course the typographic design must also be balanced with the message of the web. If you want a formal website, fine and elegant typography is used; And if the design you want is minimalist, we would not use more than two types of calligraphy.


There are many web design experts who agree with us that these are the trends for next year 2018.

Surely new ones will be emerging, and will blend with trends in graphic design. Be that as it may, this is the way that websites will follow and what users seem to like.

The first impression that your customers take away must be very good. Do not miss this opportunity and consider yourself if these ideas can help you re-launch your image in the coming months.

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