What are malwares, ransomwares, and how to protect yourself?

What are malware, ransomware, and how to protect yourself?

cyberattacks threaten businesses

Your business is fully protected from cyber attacks ? It is difficult to say yes after seeing the WannaCry and its impact on businesses around the world. One of the largest cyber scams in history threw the vulnerability of entrepreneurs who are thinking about defending your information only with a good antivirus.A management system that connects the areas of your business: the financial to the commercial

WannaCry and other cyber attacks

An unprecedented cyberattack. Thus was set the WannaCry by Europol, the European Police Office. On May 12, around the world, more than 300,000 devices have been infected by a type of ransomware , a rescue virus about which we have already warned here on the blog .

As in other virtual attacks produced by this type of threat, criminals exploited a vulnerable computer, which in this case referred to a Microsoft Windows sharing protocol. Quickly, the virus has spread and, on the screen of infected devices, came the ransom.

Bringing together the features of a malware (malicious software) and ransomware (rescue virus), the WannaCry kidnapped information relevant companies worldwide, including Brazil, appropriating them, blocking their access by the true owners and demanding payment for the release .

This time, the first of cybercriminals requested was $ 300 per machine, doubling the value if there is no response within two hours. As is common in this type of attack, the payment was required in bitcoin virtual currency , untraceable, which allowed the authors to remain anonymous.

What makes this kind of as dangerous scam is not just the blocking of relevant information, but the overall uncertainty as to release them after payment. After all, there is no guarantee that this will occur.

All this only adds drama to the  lack of a quick solution . Since there is no antidote that applies to all cases of ransomware , time becomes an enemy. The businessman runs against him to find a way to unlock the data without paying the ransom, but every minute sees growing risk of misuse of their information.

Why should you also worry

The practices ransomware are not uncommon. In the United States, for example, had already been registered 65% increase in the number of cases in 2015, compared to the previous year. But what surprised everyone was now the proportion of WannaCry.

Even if you only hear about cyber attacks by the media, we need to be aware that they are getting bigger , bolder and also closer.

Petrobras, for example, was affected by the blow. The same occurred in Justice of at least eleven states courts. And even federal agency such as the National Social Security Institute (INSS) and the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), escaped this time.

Several other government agencies just disabling systems, removing air sites and even disconnecting the internet in their units. All to contain the advance of WannaCry institutions.

See for this latest example that there is no one is immune to cyber attacks. Imagine, then, how it would be to have your cash flow in the hands of bandits ? Or get blocked access to their invoices, customer records and negotiating sales ? And the worst: being blackmailed for it. Hard to calmly deal with this kind of situation, you agree?

What can you do to protect yourself

Although there is no 100% reliable protection against this type of virtual threat, try to prevent the occurrence in your company is certainly better than doing nothing. Let us understand, then, what steps you should take:

Install and update anti-virus

It is not news to anyone that the malware as malware and ransomware move a real industry of cybercrime . That’s why, every day, new threats arise. And this is the main reason for not just have an antivirus protecting their machines, as well as update it whenever a new security package is available.

also update your operating system

The WannaCry took advantage of an amateur failure of infected devices owners. Microsoft had already identified the threat and provided sufficient security update to stop the invasion to the system. But many do not installed and ended up as victims of powerful cyberattack.

Keep backups

Provide the call backup of your information is a basic attitude of prevention. At worst, be overly exposed to the coup, will have access to data stored in a secure source and need not negotiate with criminals.

Review your habits

The use of e-mails and malicious programs as a gateway on the machines is as old as the technology itself. Still, there are those who navigate without the least care about security . By doing so, you are opening the doors of your company to the scammers entry.

Be professional support

If you have a network of devices connected to each other in the company, can not do without the support of reliable technicians in all of them. This type of action must be permanent in order to adopt best practices and remain protected from cyber attacks.

Malware and ransomware, flee from spreadsheets

All tips that just relate are useful, but if you want a real solution against malware , ransomware and other threats like, know what it takes to escape the worksheets in your company.

The episode WannaCry, as well as any other similar cyberattack, showed once again as the storage of information in physical units increases the exposure of companies to criminal actions.

Think about it: that what alternatives you tell if you have your machines affected by this kind of scam? Where are stored your financial data, fiscal and tax , for example? If you still do the management for spreadsheets, and adopt a very effective solution, you are giving chance to chance.

When using an online management system , with storage cloud , your information is safe , protected and virtual attacks away from your computer. This means that even if your company will be the victim of a scam, simply access your device from any other system, even by phone.

Escape the spreadsheets, bet on technology and ensure that your information is only blocked for those who should not access them. 

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