Top 10 ad spots for 2015 by Adweek

Top 10 ad spots for 2015 by Adweek

This year has been rich in interesting, funny, exciting, inspiring, and sometimes even disturbing videos.

In the compilation of the best of the best videoreklam 2015 according to Adweek there are very different: the funniest and most touching movie, a classic thriller and mimimishnaya slicing, about weapons and about LGBT people, and (of course) the movie about Christmas. But they share one thing – each clearly need to see, feel and remember. And save yourself somewhere as reference really good creativity.

10. Android “Friends Forever”

Agency: Droga5, New York

Editor: Ben Suenaga, Friendship!

Droga5 is proud to have created some of the most original in the world of advertising. The irony is that this unequivocal hit consists of cutting the usual custom YouTube-Video. This viral video showing a pair of animal friends from different species, perfectly reflects the brand’s message: Be together. Not the same. (Be together, not being the same). And while director David Droga has admitted that it was “a challenge to our way of creating new things unbanal” stunning video coverage speaks for itself. According to Unruly, video got 6.5 million Sherov in social networks and became the most viral. Group Creative Director, Ray Del Savio and Jerry Joachim, commented: “We knew that create a buzz among professionals in our industry. But we did not clip them, we made it to the target audience – for Android users. Excellent results can be obtained from anywhere. The main thing – to be open to it. “

9. Nike “universal player”

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland

Directed by: Stacy Wall, Imperial Woodpecker

Among the already-familiar grandiose Nike advertising campaigns this hilarious clip became a little masterpiece. He tells the story of an ordinary child through a series of outdoor games with famous athletes (such as Anthony Davis, Mike Trout, Mia Hamm), each of which – a universal player. Funny, crazy picture and great sound – as an energetic sound design, and infectious soundtrack – everything in this video is good. As they say a copywriter and art director of W + K, behind all this is the idea of ​​the popularity of youth sports in America. It is the understanding that you can play in anything that is found in the way of helping young athletes grow in these athletes.

 8. Loterías y Apuestas del Estado “Giustino”

Agency: Leo Burnett, Madrid

Directed by: Against All Odds, Passion Pictures

All have become accustomed to the fact that the best Christmas rolls traditionally creates Britain. But the Spanish masterpiece surpassed all this season. This video is like a short film from Pixar. He tells the story of Giustino – lonely night watchman at a factory of dummies. In the daytime, he entertains the staff that puts dummies in funny poses. At the end of his colleagues respond to his goodness in an unexpected way. Insightful and beautifully made movie has become the envy of many marketers. Creative Director said that the team calls the movie “a product of love.” This is all thanks to the insider jokes (like fellow parents names in lottery tickets), which adds cordiality. Melody Ludovico Einaudi “Nuvole Bianche” was the perfect complement to the roller, but it decided to add only at the last minute.

 7. Shiseido “schoolgirl?”

Agency: Watts of Tokyo

Directed by: Show Yanagisawa, The Directorss Guild

Japanese cosmetics brand has decided to dedicate one of the movie’s most relevant topics in 2015 – Gender. This is a very thought-out product demo video. Through workshops camera movement, we first think of what we see schoolgirls group – then the camera moves back through this group and we see a different reality. And here the video conveys an important idea: Shiesido not only can make the girls more beautiful, it can (spoilers!) Do boys really like girls. In addition to the actual social themes in advertising, it should be noted that advertising itself – a work of art, ranging from music and ending with shots that require talent and a 7-hour filming in order to achieve the desired effect. Ends roller slogan “Everyone can be beautiful”, which perfectly conveys the essence of the brand ideology.

 6. States United to Prevent Gun Violence “weapon shop”

Agency: Grey, New York

Directed by: Andrew Lane, Rival School Pictures

The 2015th videorozygryshi from brands already not popular, but this movie was no exception. Grey opened in Manhattan gun shop that looked like the real thing. Once invited to people, so that they looked at what’s there and how. Meanwhile, inside the work hidden cameras. For buyers have become a real shock notes on the weapon, where it was pointed out in what way it was used previously: for mass executions, unintentional shooting, homicide and suicide. According ashen expressions buyers all parties was clear. Stephen Kraus, creative director, commented: “We want to dispel the myth that owning a gun will give you security. But instead of talking about it all, we decided to appeal directly to those who need to hear most: those who for the first time comes to buy a gun. We did not expect that reaction is so resonant, and will be able to start such a dialogue, but we are grateful to our customers for the brave that have helped us to accomplish this. “

5. Atlantic Group “37 days”

Agency: Leo Burnett, Paris

Directed by: Olivier Staub, Quad Productions

It would seem that can be creative in advertising heaters? However, Leo Burnett advertised electric heaters the most amazing and unimaginable way – to grow a lush garden in a glass cube at an altitude of almost 2500 meters above sea level in British Columbia (province in western Canada), where the temperature drops to -30 degrees Celsius. Atlantic heater warmed the frozen seeds, and they melted into beds, and turned into the plant. After 37 days, the cube has become an oasis of greenery in the environment, which in normal circumstances is hostile to any form of life. This experience has also become “an interesting adventure,” as creative director, as he and his team have worked 4 weeks in a beautiful, but more than the harsh environment. They got out just in time when they ran into the helicopter started a huge storm. It took several weeks to ensure that the team could go back and dismantle the installation.

 4. The Ad Council “Love has no shortcuts”

Agency: R / GA, New York

Directed by: Danielle Levitt, Persuade Content

The landmark for the rights of LGBT year, Ad Council found the perfect way to show that deep down all people are the same. They have established a huge X-ray screen in Santa Monica, California, on Valentine’s Day. And filmed as people of different genders, and sexual orientation danced behind this screen – and then came out from behind the screen, to the delight of the curious public. Creative director of the company said that although the use of X-ray technology, and has been a certain “chip”, the main strength of this campaign was the other – in the tolerance and support of the audience, that was real and not planned. He also says: “In the social, which is now everywhere and in everything, working those things that seem to be correct and truthful people. And this is the factor that makes the movie emotional. When you feel that these are real people, your honest feedback, and you are experiencing real emotions. Artificial advertising does not create such a response “and the response was indeed incredible -. 160 million views on all platforms – this is one of the best hits Ad Council.

 3. Comcast Xfinity “Emily Oz”

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, New York

Directed by: Andreas Nilsson, Biscuit Filmworks

One of the most successful campaigns of the year gave the imagination lives – literally and beautifully – and became an unbeatable combination of skills and emotions. GSP asked Emily, blind 7-year-old girl that she sees in his mind when listening to “The Wizard of Oz.” Agency using designers and stylists has created her version, which became the basis of advertising “speaking guide” from Comcast for people with vision problems. Stunning skills (starting from the beautiful locations and finishing with a nostalgic voice acting of Robert Redford) is really amazing, Emily and she became a real discovery. Agency Co-Chair, said: “Rarely is the fate of one of the world’s leading media companies may be a week or two to be in the hands of 7-year-old blind girl. But Emily is not just some kind of a 7-year-old girl. It embodies your imagination to life. And Twitter audience fell in love with her. “

2. Snickers “Brady Bunch”

Agency: BBDO, New York

Directed by: Jim Jenkins, O Positive

 This is probably the most funny ads Snickers, which formed the basis for the classic American sitcom Brady Bunch ( “Brady Bunch”). This video by BBDO has everything mannered impartiality of the classic comedy, excellent casting, witty jokes and very funny end. The team is still a little bit away from the original story: the heroine Mary nose had to be swollen and cuts after football. But eventually we decided that it would be too distracting and annoying, therefore left without a nose defects. Fortunately, this has not led to the emergence of an angry mob of fans. The team also has once again proved that humor in advertising is still working. And it can not but rejoice.

1. Geico “impervious”

Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond,

Directed by: Terri Timely, Park Pictures

Campaign 2015 №1 was simple, witty, funny and innovative. It was used humor and creativity to this ad just do not want to miss. And then it goes without saying.

According to the materials: Adweek 


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