The ExamTime Learning Platform … Now GoConqr

The ExamTime Learning Platform … Now GoConqr

The learning process goes beyond just getting good grades and pass the exams. And we have developed ExamTime to create better learning experiences. With the constant addition of new features to the platform, the potential use of ExamTime also expanded.

Taking into account the feedback, evaluations and suggestions from teachers and students on our platform, similar patterns opinions began to emerge . ExamTime is much more than just a tool for learning based on a study program. F now the classroom , the platform is used for professional development, personal and business training .

Because of this,  the nameExamTime” is no longer appropriate . Is c Laro that will continue to help students achieve better results in their exams but, more than that , we want to inspire and get people to drive broader educational.

And e are happy to announce that the learning platform ExamTime will, starting from now, called GoConqr . GoConqr (pronounced ‘gou conquer’) comes from the English words ‘Go’ (Ir) and ‘Conquer’ (Conquer), which are related to growth, achievement and personal fulfillment. And for us, learning as a process continuously is based on these concepts , and goes far beyond study for exams .

GoConqr is a name that aligns with our vision for the future and reflects perfectly what we represent . With GoConqr , the we aim to grow further and reach all those around the world with a passion for learning.

What does this change mean ?

Do not worry, we’ll explain everything you need to know!

If you are a user “ExamTime” with a verified account, you do not change anything. Your username and password will remain the same . It is still possible to access the platform via the GoConqr ExamTime site.

In GoConqr , you find the same learning tools , features and study resources that existed in ExamTime . This means that all disciplines and study resources that you created will remain available in GoConqr .

If you are a subscriber paid plan (Standard, Premium or Premium + ) , everything will also equal in GoConqr.

You can access  our blog educational, and other learning content related to the exams from the site ExamTime .

Tips for Exams still

The blog ExamTime and their portals learning are a great source of tips and inspiration for students and teachers. How were created specifically for you to help achieve   the best results in tests and examinations , it makes sense to remain in . C ontinuaremos to provide tips , study materials and inspiration can through the .

So if you search for a study tips, visit . If you q uiser put these tips into practice and study with online tools , visit GoConqr .

GoConqr Mobile

As for our applications furniture for iOS and Android , we launched a new update for our users remain fully synchronized with all content created in version web. This way, you will continue to learn on the go. The latest version of ExamTime Mobile called GoConqr Mobile” .

What, still nãotem your App ! Download the the app to gora, free .

We hope you enjoy and benefit from this change as much as we do. Now, go ahead and conquer the I learning with GoConqr !

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