The Challenges of the Entrepreneur in Brazil

The Challenges of the Entrepreneur in Brazil

The challenges of the entrepreneur in Brazil

Undertake in Brazil is a task that usually already requires much effort and dedication, is not it? In this context, on the one hand business success depends on the knowledge and skills of the administrator, on the other, depends on market conditions and facilities that the government provides.

A management system that connects the areas of your business: the financial to the commercial

For that alone it can be assumed that there are many challenges faced by the entrepreneur to be able to keep your business. And thinking about it that we decided to bring in this article, how to overcome each of these obstacles.

Getting Credit

The amount of requirements and highly bureaucratic process to get access to credit lines are usually a difficulty encountered by entrepreneurs who are starting their business and even for those who already operates in the market. This is often controversial because, on the one hand entrepreneurs who are starting need credit to invest and ensure cash flow for your business, on the other, who is already more stable market just getting credit more easily. Thus, for the progress of the company is not made impossible, look for close friends or relatives who can take out a loan or look for banks that offer special conditions for entrepreneurs.

fierce competition

One of the difficulties of the entrepreneur in establishing the market is the fact that the environment is increasingly competitive. Because of this, get a good position, with a good customer base becomes an extremely difficult task, especially when competitors are high achievers, already known in the market. But if you can add differentials to your product or service, always seeking to improve customer service and what is offered, already has a certain advantage over the competition, making it easier to retain and attract new customers.

interest rates and tax burden

It is very common to find entrepreneurs who fail financial incentive to lower interest rates. This, coupled with the credit policies, makes a lot of people end up giving up investing in a business. This is the time to enlist the help of a trusted accountant to understand and analyze market trends in respect of applied rates and the best time to invest or raise funds. After all, nothing better than a little help from an expert, do not you agree?

What taxes and tax rates that will focus on your business? Learn from the outset that this varies greatly from one area of activity to another and even according to the size of the company. And that’s why the ideal is, once again, look for an accounting professional to assist you in relation to the tax regime more suited to their business model. Models such as the Individual Micro-entrepreneur (MEI) and the Simple also assist in enabling the formalization of your company, having an incidence of fully differentiated tax. Check with your accountant if you fit into any of these options!

professional training

Some people, when they decide to enter the enterprise market, rely solely on the experience acquired throughout life and some sales techniques to drive your business. But be aware that the shortcomings of the entrepreneur regarding the management and administration concepts may end up compromising the progress and business continuity. Although entrepreneurship is not part of the curriculum of courses and schools, you can always count on the private sector programs and an accounting professional to learn new skills and get help in directing the actions that will contribute positively to the development of business .

As much as the task of undertaking may seem complicated, these obstacles are not reasons to derail the practice and the opening of business! Just that the entrepreneur has determination, always look to upgrade, acquiring new knowledge and skills, and know to turn to in time to manage your business. Not so hard, right?

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