The Best Education Blogs

The Best Education Blogs

All the world’s information at your fingertips

The great advantage of living in the era we live in is the availability of information. Every day we have access to millions of data. The educational level, students and teachers now days also benefit from access to all kinds of free educational resources; educational blogs, videos, and podcasts that teach different subjects, encyclopedias and online dictionaries, forums and social networks that perform queries, virtual and interactive books, ICT resources and a multitude of content for teaching and

However, as always, the daylight hours are limited and it’s difficult to distinguish the quality content that really worth devoting time. This is about all right for the millions of teachers and students around the world.

Many teachers would like to stay informed about new trends in education, discover innovative ICT resources to study and see how other teachers face the education of their students in this new era of technological revolution, also known as Education 2.0.

However, the challenge for many teachers is to find time to access all this information and stay current with educational trends. A good way to do this is to keep a reasonable number of educational blogs. Thus, knowledge can nourish others who share interests related to the world of education. For this reason, in this post we want to suggest you some of the best education blogs in Portuguese.


List of Best Blogs of Education

In this post, we present the list of finalists of the competition suggest (Portugal). Of the 33 competitors who took part in the contest suggest, education category, these are the top 5:

Dear Beautiful Blog

Astro PTBrasil_Portugal

Anabela Magalhães

77 words

Mum’s the boss

other important

Letters of Travel

1000 metaphors



Although no competitive, we think these very influential blogs:

Education of My Navel


A schoolteacher

Correct in Portuguese

 Mathematics and Technology Education


In the classroom

 The Education Corner

The State of Education

 Kids Safe on the Net

Digital literacy

We could not fail to mention some Brazilian sites that are considered very influential in education.

–  The Simon blog  (Possibly one of the best blogs on Brazilian education)

–  Ways to Get  (. Blog Therese Motter, math teacher and specialist in ICT Here you will find posts about technology in education, educational awards, reflections, projects and more)

–  Education and Citizenship Blog  (Maria Odete Olsen brings us this very interesting blog This site offers articles search that is of interest to anyone who has an interest in learning in Brazil.)

–  Blog anabeatrizgomes  (Professor Ana Beatriz brings this blog with updated quality articles on education and new technologies)

–  Teacher News   (The ProfessorNews Portal’s mission is to inform, impartially and objectively, the main events of the academic world)

–  wwwhat’s New  (. This website technology education blog comments daily various free applications that appear on the Internet)


So what do you think? We hope you have discovered many interesting blogs to follow!

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