Surprise and sell: format Flip Expand

Surprise and sell: format Flip Expand

Which banner format choose if you want to fit in a creative and video, and a few pictures, and call-2-action button? And at the same time to make a banner noticeable but not annoying?

Our richmedia Flip Expand format copes with this task. Let us consider the example of real cases Admixer creative team, how it looks and works.

Banner in Flip Expand format hover raskhlopyvaetsya as a book or catalog. It is also possible avtoraskhlop.

Average CTR format Flip Expand with avtoraskhlopom – 2.12%. Without avtoraskhlopa – 0.4%. 

Now available in two formats:

  • With video (video is played automatically, the user can activate a sound and / or pause)

  • Without video (up to 9 static creatives)

Banner Flip Expand without the video is well suited in the case where the communication strategy includes several creatives. For example, the campaign “Turbota – o …” Dove brand comprises a series of creatives that illustrate small life examples how to take care of a loved one. Flip Expand was chosen as the format that allows to demonstrate all the visuals campaign by clicking the banner opens and the user to see all creatives series with reference to the brand’s website.

And for the pre-New Year campaign Yves Rosher Admixer creative team has created a banner Flip Expand c tips, what to give and how to look good in the New Year’s Eve: gift sets, discounted perfumes and flavors of premium design, limited collection of Christmas and New Year decorative cosmetics for makeup. And it’s all in one banner with 6 clickable elements, each of which leads to the appropriate page on the website Yves Rosher.

If the creative one, the banner Flip Expand without the video will also be an excellent solution. Casey Toyota Rav4 was revealed on hover and gradually demonstrated communication elements: the brand logo, the communication message, visual Toyota Rav4, call to action, with reference to the official website.

Promotional video of the brand perfectly fit into Flip Expand format video . In this case, the creative may be as one with the video element and several static creatives + 1 video element. The video plays automatically, the sound is activated at the request of polzovatelya.Naprimer for the Heineken brand has been selected Flip Expand with one creativity, including commercial brand:

You should choose the format banner Flip Expand, if you want to:

  • stand out from the clutter and attract the user’s attention

  • demonstrate multiple creatives

  • disclose all the elements of the communication strategy

  • combine video and static creatives in one banner

Admixer creative team will help you create a custom banner richmedia that most closely matches your campaign performance goals. For more information, please contact us .


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