Study plan for the 2nd semester in three stages

Study plan for the 2nd semester in three stages

The end of the year already pointing there. Proof of ENEM, vestibular , final school exams, OAB , Public Procurement and other tests will increasingly be constant from November. So for you to close the year with confidence, good grades and approved GoConqr created a three – step study plan to help you in the 2nd half.

1. Set your goals using a Mind Map

By defining learning objectives, the benefits are numerous. The act of studying becomes immediately more productive when you know exactly what, when and for how long will study. This is because when you set goals, you can organize your time and focus on getting good results.

And why not make this planning something using our visual mind map. Several students are already creating your Mind Maps with plans drawn studies for this 2nd semester.

New in GoConqr: Monitoring

Most of us set goals with ease. But follow the progress of their actions to achieve their goals is that it is the big question. GoConqr issue resolved for you! Now, you can track the progress of their study plans for the 2nd half recorded in the mind map with a few clicks.

We have introduced a monitoring function of your progress, allowing you to know the percentage of what you studied in each topic of the mind map. Once you start seeing some progress, your motivation will only increase.

2 Set subjects and topics

To organize new disciplines, subjects and topics that you are learning in the 2nd half, a good strategy is to create a mind map to plot your syllabus for each course. This will help you create a visual image of the new disciplines and prepare for exams that are coming.

Even if you believe you do not know a lot about a particular topic at this time, visually record all topics will motivate your subconscious to connect ideas!

New in GoConqr: Discipline Analysis

With the new layout in GoConqr and Analysis tool, you will understand what level you are when it comes to their learning needs. This way, you can dedicate to the areas that need it most.

Our new features allow you to track performance on a given discipline, and better manage their resources and even suggest resources that may be useful.

What are you waiting for, start building now!

3 Create your study plan – and get there!

So let’s start acting to end this successfully 2nd half.

study plansAsk any teacher what is necessary to succeed in an exam and most will say that the first step is to build a good study plan. With the goals you outlined, you create your study plan to achieve your goals. By setting realistic goals, organizing your time, you will be amazed at your progress.

GoConqr offers free Calendar tool that allows you to enter all your activities and how much time you allocate to each. You can simply record the time devoted to classes, reading, exercise, and anything else you need to do. This way you can build a study plan with greater balance, to be realistic and attainable.

New in GoConqr: Discover more features

Have you defined your goals for this 2nd half. You know the subjects and issues that need to study. You have assigned the right amount of time to get the notes you are seeking. Your study plan is almost complete!

Finally, why not delve into a subject or get a new perspective, with resources already created in GoConqr? During school holidays, the number of learning resources added to GoConqr surpassed the 2 million mark.


And we make it even easier for you to discover these learning resources. Disciplines in your area you will find the tab “Related” which suggests you additional resources to the discipline in question.

When creating resources, you can now add tags. These tags allow us to find and combine related resources and suggest them to you.

So we will aim towards the end of the 2nd half! GoConqr is constantly offering new features to make their studies easier. If your intention this semester is to become more organized, proactive, focused and committed, you have found the right partner to study with GoConqr!

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Good studies!

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