Silent movie comes back. The new trend of advertising in Facebook

Silent movie comes back. The new trend of advertising in Facebook

Even last year at Content Marketing Summit Facebook head of communications said that the main trend in advertising – more visual content.

But there is one “but”: a Facebook video is automatically played without sound while as users turn over the tape. Some brands perfectly understand this and have created an advertisement that is beautiful and without sound.

Where did the silent trend?

Think about how you’re flipping through the tape in social networks. Usually we do it lazily leaf through on, and on, and on. Until something special not to attract attention.

Due to the fact that the video is played automatically, and the sound – no, no one can hear the sound in the video for those few seconds, which appears in the video tape.

But brands have decided not to give up and use the few seconds at maximum.
At least, you can create an exciting image that will attract attention. So the idea to “silent film” in advertising.

And here are some great examples of how brands advertising on Facebook silence from obstacles turned into an advantage.

In his campaign,, using humor and captain obvious, indicating that video on Facebook played without sound.

And here is the second movie from them.
All about the same.

Kraft Foods

The video shows the story of Al bottle relations with the steak. To appreciate the joke and catch the message, sound to anything.


When watching video, everything is obvious: people create your own tracks, game shows and devices that can be used for this game.

A text gives the right context shows the effect.


You have undoubtedly seen this movie – last year it has become viral.

Again, the video perfectly conveys the promise and without sound.
To understand the message of, you only need to see the people of X-rays and then see how they are because it will come.


To advertise your app Instagram “Make Your Own GLA”, Mercedes created advertising to Facebook. The video shows how to use the application, and the sound it does not need.

So, how to create a video ad in Facebook, which is fun to watch without sound?

We hope that these cases pushed to the idea of ​​how to create a silent advertising for Facebook.

Three basic rules:

1. Give up the dialogue, especially at the beginning of the video.

2. Use simple, yet powerful promise of the text. Not too much, but so that it could reinforce quality visual material.

3. Diversify visuals: infographics and animation prodakshene easy and good to read.


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