Send Notifications to your Team, Fleet and Clients via SMS and / or Email through Beetrack

Send Notifications to your Team, Fleet and Clients via SMS and / or Email through Beetrack


We have implemented a new feature of sending notifications to all our customers, with the aim of improving internal communication and with the end customer, helping to reduce the uncertainty of your customers and increase control and online visibility of your offices and services.

To access this functionality please click on the menu to Settings section, in the “Manage” you will find a new menu called “Notifications”.


Automatic configuration Subscription

The first thing you have to set it if you want your customers to automatically subscribe to notifications via email or SMS:


If you do not want to use the automatic option, customers will have to subscribe to them in the widget, indicating their email and mobile phone as appropriate.


Status notifications and route clearance


The system allows reporting on the status of the office on several points:

  1. Delivered: When the office or service is delivered to the customer.
  2. Undelivered: When the office had problems in delivery, you can add notifications depending on the type of problem, for example a separate notification if the firm failed for not being residents at home, or if the address given was not correct, or other that corresponds to your logistics operation.
  3. Partial delivery: When the office was not fully completed.
  4. Home route: For example, when the office comes a route, you can notify your client computer or office will arrive in the day.
  5. Next in line: This is a manual notification that activates the carrier to notify the customer that his office is next to be divided.

You can create as many notifications you want, except for “Pre-Delivery” and “Road Home” where recommend that you create one because it is a notification addressed to end customers that do not depend on the states.

Create, Edit and Delete notifications

To create a new notification, click the button on one of the columns of states. To remove it, click the X in the corner of the notification. To access it and edit it, just click on it.

Notification settings

To configure a notification must enter the following data:

  1. Name of the notification
  2. Substate that will trigger the notification. (Delivered for notifications, undelivered and partial delivery)
  3. Channels to be sent (SMS or Email)
  4. Setting the recipients, you can turn customer notification and other e-mails and / or SMS for internal use (available only for Delivered notifications type Non Delivery and Partial Delivery).


Customizing Email

To customize the mail, enter the following data:

    1. Subject: It is what will show up in the inbox of the recipient ‘s mail, intended to be a clear and concise message. Examples. (Modal: “Auto Parts – Your purchase is on its way”, “Printing Paper – Your package was delivered”
    2. URL image header: Address is hosted image to display in the header. We recommend a size of 650x200px.
    3. Body: This is the main message you want to communicate. You can use the help to style your text or insert HTML.
    4. Footer text: If you want to add more details, such as the privacy policy, purchasing policies or other secondary message, complete this field.
    5. Image URL footer: Address is hosted image to display in the footer. We recommend a size of 650x200px.

We have also included some customization options for the email fits your brand, such as defining the font color and general theme color.

Also in the text fields you can use special keys to customize the messages to the user.

In the mail you can display various items such as:

Company Logo : Displays your company logo set to Beetrack.

Office data : Overview of the office, such as customer name, purchase dates and others.

Items : products or services purchased by the customer that are part of the packing.

Feedback : Give the customer the option so you can evaluate the quality of service through email. Use it to obtain metrics on the quality of your deliveries.

Link to the widget: A link so that people can follow your shipment through the tracking system Beetrack.

Forms: If the firm has a set and completed form will show up in the mail. It is suggested to use this option only for internal notifications.

Map: Location Map of transport in the event that the office is pending delivery, or the specific location where delivered if it is delivered or with partial delivery.

Feedback: Customers can evaluate the quality of service provided by your company.

Customizing SMS

If your account is enabled for shipping, you can complete the SMS text field. You can also use special keys to customize the message to your client.

Keep in mind: The SMS have a maximum length of 160 characters per shipment if your message is longer, 2 or more messages will be sent.


Always remember to save your changes to finish editing.

Tip: You can save at any stage of notification settings, you have to finish the whole process, so you are assured that everything will be recorded.

We hope this guide is useful for understanding the functionality and to start using the notification system in your logistics operation. If in doubt, use support channels to contact you.


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