Organization and Planning to Succeed in Studies this Year

Organization and Planning to Succeed in this Year Studies

Organization and PlanningBegins a new school year and are full of good intentions. Would you like to start the year well and avoid the typical moments of panic before exams.

Good news! You’re in luck, because ExamTime are here to help. We develop a plan that consists of 3 simple steps so that these good intentions are not only that, good intentions.

In this post, we will share some best practices for the new school year and give an overview of some of our features ExamTime that will facilitate the achievement of these tips. These tips will help you with the organization and planning to succeed in studies this year.

1. Define your goals using a Mind Map

By defining learning objectives, the benefits are numerous. By having clear goals, your studies soon become more productive, because they always know what to do, when and for how long. This practice has a more positive influence on the time to get better results than simply open a book and start studying. By improving your productivity, the quality of your learning will improve – it’s that simple.

Why not carry out this process in a way more visual using Mind Maps ? Some students have set their goals  using “SMART” goals to know exactly what they want to achieve this year.

As ExamTime help you: Follow your progress

Almost all are able to set goals with ease. But follow the progress of actions to achieve the objectives is that it is the big question. This is something that ExamTime resolved. It uses the function monitoring the mental maps to overcome this problem.

Introduced the monitoring function of your progress to let you know the percentage of what you studied in each topic of the mind map. Once you begin to see some progress, your motivation will only increase.

2. Organize your subjects and topics

In most cases, a new school year means learning new areas . Whether it is new disciplines, topics or authors, it is likely that, when considering a new curriculum this year is full of areas with which you are unfamiliar. But do not worry, that’s the beauty of learning, right?

Perhaps you’re wondering how to prepare all over again? The crucial first step is well organize all your subjects and topics to know what is to come. This will help you turn your mind and lay the foundations for a new learning.

Create a mental map to trace the outline of the syllabus for each subject. Better yet, create each discipline in ExamTime and begins to add learning resources as you go along.

And if you do not know a lot about each new discipline, an overview of all the topics that you’ll have to cover facilitate your understanding to begin classes. Likewise, this exercise will help you to connect ideal as it broadens your knowledge of each topic.

As ExamTime help you: Analyze your progress by subject

This year we took no vacation for us to work on further improvements in section of disciplines, giving you more information on the progress in each of them.

Thanks to the new analytic function of disciplines, now you can get a clearer view of the point where you’re standing when it comes to your learning needs. In this way, you can devote more time to work on areas that need more. Our new features allow you to make a monitoring of your progress by discipline, better manage your learning resources and even suggest you resources that can help you with your studies.

What are you waiting for? You begin to create your disciplines now !

3. Create your study plan

So let’s start acting to start the year.

Organization and PlanningAsk any teacher what is necessary to succeed in an exam and most will say that the first step is to build a good study plan. With the objectives that have drawn, create your study plan to achieve your goals. By setting realistic goals, organizing your time, your progress will surprise you.

ExamTime offers free Calendar tool that allows you to enter all your activities and how long atribuirás each. You can simply record the time devoted to classes, reading, exercise, and anything else you need to do. Thus, one can build up studies with better balance, which is realistic and attainable.

As ExamTime help you: Find more resources

Organization and PlanningDefines the goals for this year, familiarizes you with the disciplines you need to study, gives the right amount of time to get the desired notes and your study plan is almost complete!

Finally, why not delve into the subject or get a new perspective, with resources already created in ExamTime? During school holidays, the number of learning resources added to ExamTime hit the 1 million mark .

Now it’s even easier to discover these learning resources. Disciplines in your area you will find the tab “Related” which suggests you additional resources to the discipline in question.

When creating resources, now you can add labels. These labels allow us to find and combine related resources and suggest them.

So, do not come with excuses not to begin to study. You know, if one of your goals this year is to be more organized, pro-active and be more focused, ExamTime is your ideal study companion.

We wish you all the best for this school year full of successes …

Good luck!

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