Media advertising on the Internet: results of 2017

Media advertising on the Internet: results of 2017

Traditionally Admixer summarizes the results of 2017, posting its internal statistics and analysis, which can be interesting to the market in terms of insights from the original source. And traditionally, we will look at which categories were placed as they were active advertisers, what formats are preferred to use.


In 2017, as in the past, the leadership in terms of the products advertised on the internet took the category “Food & Beverage”, which in addition strengthened its little weight to 19.6% (Versus 17.2% in 2016). The category “Alcoholic beverages” this year ceded its second place and fell immediately to the 5 positions in the ranking, this category is one of the few (in addition to retail), which showed no growth in 2017, which became the cause of all 3 of the advertiser. Retail lost three positions in the ranking, having got a third on the fifth place. A 2nd and 3rd place in the ranking of the top category in 2017 won the category “Health and household chemicals”, which grew by 76% and “Auto-moto” with growth of 81%.

It should also be noted that different categories of accommodation prefer different formats on the Internet. For example, the category “Food & Beverage” occupies almost a quarter of all video budgets. A category of “Auto-moto” is leading in bannerke, whereas in general it is only budgets at the 3rd position.


The Internet continues to come to new advertisers. In 2017, they grew by 10%. By the number of active advertisers category “Farma” leads – search advertisers start to try Digital tools, but their budgets are still not as high as in FMCG.


The following conclusions can be drawn from the media budget allocation analysis:

1. Huge growth programmatik-procurement, who now account for 35% of the total budget share. It should be noted that if more than 50% of the budget is devoted to programmatik-direct (purchase of a specific site via the programmatika ecosystem) in the United States, in Ukraine until the entire volume programmatika passes through the RTB-purchase.

2. Video leads to the budget share and shows growth, but this year suddenly banner ads showed the largest share of the growth, win a share of an additional 8% of all accommodation formats. The growth is due to programmatik-procurement. You can make the assumption that in programmatik moved a significant part of the budgets of some banned sites.

3. Share Mobile continues to grow rapidly. Drive it until basically programmatik-purchase. Mobile video programmatike much cheaper (perhaps due to the fact that this is not the TOOL, and autstrim inventory) and is sometimes up to 70-80% of the impressions in the profile purchase videos through programmatik. At this stage the Ukrainian advertiser while still does not understand how to use mobilnyuyu advertising on the Internet to achieve marketing goals and underestimates the media channel. At the same time the audience spends more and more time just with their mobile devices.

These analytics are available in the presentation

Also refer to the analyst of media advertising for the first eight months of 2017



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