Logistics in the cloud: ideal for complex and volatile environments

Logistics in the cloud: Ideal for complex and volatile environments

Recent years, logistics providers have begun to adopt cloud services, mainly by the need for innovative solutions in supply chains. In addition, choose this technological model for companies, it facilitates access to information, taking into account the immediacy of data delivery system in real time.

What is Cloud Computing or Cloud Computing? It is the mass data storage, information and web services, which are processed by a server connected to the Internet. With these services, you can purchase and install software solutions internally, or else transfer them to an external provider that stores them on their own servers.

Cloud Computing provides a fast, flexible and accessible model for businesses of any size who dare to opt for technological services, providing efficient solutions to the requirements of each firm with immediate response time and depth.

Currently, companies using the cloud computing model can have the benefits of a group of IT specialists who provide excellent services for the business of each company, becoming the leading experts when delivering concrete solutions.

The cloud services for logistics companies, provide access to a flexible and configurable selection on the demand of what each company is willing to pay for the service you require, with solutions for order management, billing, incuso monitoring and monitoring processes.

Another benefit of having a system Cloud Computing in logistics, is that suppliers will not have to invest in infrastructure a staff of specific IT for your company, nor should they be worried about the proper implementation and maintenance of the improvements, which would involve a large capital investment for managers in the field.

Cloud Computing came to delegate IT responsibilities to a “cloud logistics operator”, which manages the different tasks of the systems, leaving businesses that work and allowing them to focus their efforts on the business as such.

Implementing solutions with the cloud

Currently, logistics companies are increasingly urgent need to modernize their supply chains to make them more dynamic and thus to meet the growing demand of consumers, given the conditions of increasingly competitive market.

Progress and major changes to industrial level, have motivated manufacturers to seek new ways to better plan and deploy the technology of his efforts, so have technological services that grant quickly logistics processes is a key factor for modernize business and make a difference in the caption.

The benefits a model “Cloud” can provide companies are many, however, there are still providers who do not dare to take the initial step, bringing questions like not having entirely clear specific aspects of this technology, which medium and long term can lead to serious costs in their businesses.

However, for the implementation of solutions in the retail industry, one of the most used in the procurement process services it is with Cloud Computing, occupying the second place of importance behind the adoption of CRM under the SaaS model (Software as a servicie).

Cloud Computing and SaaS: inclusive services and inclusive

One of the biggest problems of logistics executives when deciding whether to implement a service in the cloud for their processes, is to clearly identify the characteristics of its various components, applications and associated services.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a component that is directly related to the processes “in cloud”. In this type of software consumers can access applications hosted on Internet “cloud”, having at its disposal a wide range of tasks.

Users can have the services through any Internet – enabled device. This model software, enables companies to serve with maintenance , support and operation will use the client during the time you have hired the service.

The benefits of having a SaaS service is that companies can use applications for a variety of needs, including accounting and billing, sales tracking, planning, performance monitoring and communications, including webmail and instant messaging .

Therefore, service SaaS is one of the three categories within Cloud Computing , so it is translated as the way the service is paid in the cloud , making it an inclusive supplement when purchasing online technological services.  

These are the three categories of cloud services:

  • -The applications SaaS are designed for end users with real – time information delivered via the Internet.

    -PaaS (Platform as a Service) is the set of tools and services designed to make coding and implementation of these applications quickly and efficiently.

    -IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is the hardware and software that manages everything from servers, storage, networking, operating systems to companies.

In other words, the difference between SaaS and Cloud Computing , is that the latter is aimed at software developers , application providers, users of intelligent computers, and the departments of corporate IT, not for people who use computer applications, in this case, softwares Service (SaaS)

The rapid growth of SaaS services will soon become a common goal within each organization, therefore it is important that buyers and users of this technology understand what it is and when it is appropriate to use it.

SaaS logistics tracking shipments

The known satellite tracking service (GPS) technologies have been added services tracking and monitoring shipments, with information online and in real-time status of the products.

Why is it important to have a SaaS service logistics operations? Because the level of service a distribution operation, is directly related to cost and efficiency applied to this operation, so it is responsible for logistics management find the balance between the costs of management and level of service .

Services delivery of  last mile , are a small part of most supply chains, however, it is the only instance in which the client has direct contact with the company, generating visibility of the brand, therefore, it is essential to have a tracking service that is able to report real – time each process shipments.

Many consumers have indicated that the factor of good service in deliveries of shipments is key when making new buying decisions, where approximately 16% of consumers have stated that they would switch to another brand if you have a bad or negative experience delivery processes.

Beetrack is tracking software (SaaS) that can answer forms, making scans of the load, optimize routes and warnings via email and / or SMS customers minutes before running a delivery, and even take photographs and digital signatures to realize the operation arrangements which provide dramatic decrease in the levels of uncertainty in the process.

In enterprises, cost reduction is becoming more difficult, but increase the product value through improved service quality, it is much more profitable and more difficult to imitate for the competition, which adds an undeniable brand value, making it much more attractive to its customers.


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