Learning to Program: Getting Started

Learning to Program: Getting Started

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Encourages you to learn on their own

A few days ago we published the first of our series of posts “Learning to Learn”, which explores the movement of the concept emerged to acquire programming skills from an early age. In this article we explore the reason why you should learn how to program and provide you resources that will help you begin to learn the code for yourself. It may seem like a daunting task , but the benefits of learning a programming language are numerous, especially in today’s world.

Then learning to program is something you always wanted to do, read on.


Why You should Start Program …

The need for talented programmers will only grow in the future. Even today, put in computer programming are one of the best paid. You see, if you want to taste the pleasures of paid work, it is best that’s get some programming experience.

learning program

Whether you decide to study career, have knowledge of a computer language or even a basic knowledge of programming, will make your curriculum vitae highlight on others.

The best thing about   learning to program is able to create something new, beyond the freedom it offers you to put your ideas into practice. On the other hand, the feeling of satisfaction you will experience to solve a problem or complete a product that you created yourself are unique.

Of course, there is always the possibility that you may create the next great innovation of our time and that you convertas a technology millionaire .

What Do I Need To Start?

You can find thousands of online tools and free guides (takes a look at our section of programming resources below), which means that all you really need to start is a desktop computer or a laptop.

You can also read a text book to guide you through the world of step-by-step programming.

You’ll also need:

  • Patience: To cope with the inevitable frustrations when you find something you do not understand
  • Analytical skills and problem solving skills: To help you overcome these problems
  • Creativity: For impressive ideas about what program


Inspiration is also important when you learn something new (if you need a little inspiration to program, gives some examples of great programmers in our post ” Inspiration following models in the world of programming “)

You should not depend only on yourself, support you in the developer community to help you with your learning. Here’s some online resources to explore but we recommend you to some unas programming club as the  CoderDojo .

Resources to help you to begin:

Of course you can not expect the inspiration to make an appearance to get you started your project.

As mentioned above, we suggest that you unas to some CoderDojo – are groups of students who meet regularly to share their knowledge on programming. Find your nearest CoderDojo here .

Learning to programYou can also visit places like Coursera to watch free online classes related to any programming language you wanna learn.

From there, choose a programming language to learn. For more information on how to decide which programming language you should learn, read our blog ” What Programming Language Should I Learn First “.

Stackoverflow is a great resource for developers but may be too advanced for beginning programmers. Usually always you can find forums that will answer your questions or help you solve problems you’re facing.

It is best to start by searching interactive free programming tutorials on Google to include programming tips.

Some of them will be focused on a specific language and others in several. When you decide what you want to learn, review them and see which works best for you:

If you find resources to learn how to program that helped you, tell us which in the comments section, via Facebook  or  #ETNovasHabilidades

For Losing Time!

The best thing about the program is that there are numerous ways to interact with experienced programmers who are willing to share their knowledge – is the place where experts help beginners. Programming languages are always evolving. There are languages that were extremely popular 15 or 20 years ago and are now completely obsolete, because other newer and better replaced them. It is almost a certainty that this will happen in the future, but still any language you learn will help that learning another easier. The code that is good is good, regardless of the language it was written. So learn to write good code. Easy, is not it?

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