Jobs in 2014: How to prepare for them!

Jobs in 2014: How to prepare for them!

We talked about on   “Jobs of the Future” , which gave us an idea of what we can expect for the labor market in the coming years. While some of these may seem, others began to become popular, for example, the virtual currency speculator (someone uses Bitcoin?) Or specialist hackschooling or Edu – communicators as we speak in our matter of  “Professor of the Future” .

jobs in 2014The truth is that the labor market is evolving at a very fast pace. Every year there are new positions and others are becoming obsolete, now more than ever, it is essential to adapt to the new requirements, which everyone constantly update and never stop studying.


Jobs for success

In this article, we gathered the most popular jobs for this in 2014 according to the industry and research we need to study these positions. Are you ready for success?

1. Engineering Sector

Jobs with high demand: Technical Naval Engineering Technician Construction.

The coach of Naval Engineering is responsible for the construction and maintenance of vessels and is responsible for legally prescribed and process that involves the entire production. This professional can find employment in shipyards, shipping companies and managers of waterways, which works with the planning, execution and monitoring of water transportation systems.

Already Technician Civil Works is responsible for monitoring constuções, materials control, hand training work and meeting deadlines and goals of a work. With this professional heated construction market find employment in buildings of different sizes and types.

How to prepare: You need higher education in engineering or a technical course. Look at institutions such as vocational courses in Senai. For this type of profession is important like math and have some notion of languages mainly English.

2. Financial Sector

Jobs with high demand: Controller and Financial Controller. The auditor or financial controller is responsible for planning the financial strategy of the company, with special emphasis on budgeting, accounting and cost control audits.

How to prepare: This is a profession that requires a high level of training. The academic requirements often go through a career in Management and Business Administration or Economics, Masters in Finance or an MBA. Having a high level of English and several years of experience are also essential requirements. Other skills required are strategic vision and analytical skills.


3. Sales Sector

Jobs with high demand: Vendors, Sales Managers, Consultants and point of sale demostradores. These professionals are dedicated to generating new business and managing a portfolio of clients in large enterprises. Is acting at point of sale directly or indirectly, these professionals are the legs of a company.

How to prepare: With  regard to training, you must have studies in Business Administration, Marketing, Economics or similar. However, for this position has more experience and academic background of the candidate skills. Core competencies are negotiation skills, customer focus, results orientation, leadership, communication and proactive.

4. Marketing Sector

Jobs with high demand: Specialist in Social Networks, E-commerce and SEO. These professionals are responsible for optimizing sites for search engines, both through ads and organic or free. They are also responsible for content management and corporate image in social networks and product marketing through websites.

How to prepare: The academic training required branch passes Marketing, Business Administration, Advertising or similar. A high level of English is essential and you must have strategic and creative ability. Experience is an advantage but the difference is in the initiative, creativity, good relationships and quickly adapt the changes.

5. Technology Sector

Jobs with high demand: Game developers, systems programmers and web designer.

Game developers are requistados not only to start a new game but to adapt existing games to our market. Already programmers are resposáveis ​​the building systems, database reading, it is also the responsibility the installation and configuration of test and development environments standards, policies and related systems strategies.

Already a Web designer must understand programming as develop sites but will also be responsible for understanding the structure and functionality of it, in order to offer a good solution to customers.

How to prepare:  To these positions you must have studied computer engineering and have experience and knowledge with computer systems in order to be able to design and implement projects on latest technologies. The level of English, organization and orientation details are also essential for these positions.

7. Customer Service

Jobs with high demand: Customer Service online consumer, head of service.

These two positions act as spokespersons of the company, professionals should be quick to listen, explain and take all consumer concerns. This professional must have above all ease of communication and patience to deal with different types of problems and adversities.

How to prepare: You can make a technical course in the service area, or even faculties in the areas of Enterprise Admins, or Comuniação Advertising and Marketing.

jobsWe hope this list may have helped you to make some decisions regarding your career. Many of them do not need a degree so if you want to change area can do a technical course and start something new in 2014.

All mentioned jobs opportunities have several opportunities in the market with earnings between R $ 2,000 and R $ 6,000.

Start now to prepare now for the many opportunities. You can use our free online tools to help them in their studies. See the Mind Map to prepare to help you:

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