How to open legal account for individual microentrepreneur

How to open account for individual Legal microentrepreneur

Opening legal account for individual microenterprise

If you need a reason to open legal account for individual micro-entrepreneur (MEI), here goes: it is through it that your company begins the financial life. Moreover, it is a useful tool to separate the personal money of the capital belonging to the business. If good reasons abound, here’s everything you need to take this important step.

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Why have a legal bill for MEI

Who acts as MEI , although it has an official – as permitted by law – is used to working alone. Be individual entrepreneur is just that: brings together the advantages and challenges of being not only the owner of the business, as responsible for everything related to it, from operational to administrative .

You certainly appreciate more the less paperwork and maybe it can be mistaken in assessing the importance of opening a merchant account : “It’s a concern, a new paperwork to fill out, plus an integrated task to the routine and also new demand It requires monitoring and control. “

If you think so, you are not wrong, but seeing only one side of the story . After all, there are benefits to justify the initiation of a legal bill, whose operation is similar to the sport focused on individual, differing by having transactions related to the company’s finances – and not its owner.

Imagine that there is need to seek credit for your business . How will you do that? A loan as an individual, and more expensive, is a sin capital in financial management: to go this route, you mix your money on what is business.

To find the most attractive interest rates and access to credit lines especially geared to companies, you must have a bank account PJ . It is to her that the MEI find the doors open in the main credit institutions.

Also from the bank account, you can hire other financial products that will bring benefits to the business, according to its assessment and need. These include debit and credit cards, checkbooks, loyalty programs, partnerships and possible investments.

Finally, there is an important contribution to financial management , as the entrepreneur can automate the controls, arrange payments and receipts and encourage the bank reconciliation, allowing a comparison of inputs and outputs with the bank statement, for example.

Opening legal bill for individual microenterprise

Now that you know that it is worth opening legal bill for individual microenterprise, check out the main steps to follow to achieve this desire.

Choose the bank

Unlike what happens to other legal entities, individual entrepreneurs have fewer options when opening your account. What happens is that not all institutions offer this type and many do not fall into the MEI as PJ, because it has no social contract.

Caixa Economica Federal, Brazil Bank and Northeast Bank, being public banks are some of the indications found in the very Entrepreneur Portal , where you started its formalization. 

Also search with the private institutions that offer the sport. If you already keep a good relationship as an individual with particular bank, you can get information more easily, and possible advantages by extending the bond.

Meet the required documents

To open a bank account as an individual, you only need to present ID, SSN, proof of residency and income. In the legal bill for MEI, the documentation may vary by bank, but generally requires the following information (some or all):

  • CPF and RG of the entrepreneur
  • CNPJ company
  • Proof of residence
  • Single Microempreendedor condition Certificate (CCMEI).

Realize that are basic documents that every MEI should have on hand. If you do not know CCMEI can access it  in Entrepreneur Portal, only informing your SSN and date of birth.

Compare rates and services

The same care that you have on a daily basis with the financial management of the company should be put in place at the time to define which bank will launch a new bond. Research and comparison of rates is a basic step – and fundamental.

You can get an idea of average prices charged by public and private banks to access the portal of the Central Bank , but a good practice is to visit the websites of each financial institution, in which, in addition to checking the availability of legal account for MEI, can view the table of fees charged from the beginning of the link to the contracting of services.

This point requires careful attention of the entrepreneur, as it should evaluate carefully the needs of your business before you join a particular package. On the one hand, hire a more complete option raises the final cost for facilities that are not exploited; otherwise, stick with a basic alternative may not meet all that the business needs.

To come to a decision right one for your profile , evaluate the amount that your company needs withdrawals, transfers, statements, deposits and monthly payments, for example, as well as services such as issuance of bills , electronic pay stub, custody checks, debit, among others.

The possibility of opening a savings account for legal entities is another aspect that should be taken into consideration, as well as the existence of physical bank branch in your neighborhood, city or nearby, ease of performing online services and availability of ATMs .

A step for growth

Following all care cited throughout this article, you certainly will be better prepared to make the right choice among the banks that provide the legal account. The need to pay attention to detail and calculate everything on the tip of the pencil is real, but worth the effort for the solution to be the most appropriate for your business.

As a final tip, it is worth remembering the importance of cultivating a good relationship with the chosen institution. After all, it brings you and your business the best opportunities, both in negotiating packages and tariffs, as of custom credit options or investments. Be the manager a partner of your growth as an entrepreneur.

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