How To Create An Online Mental Map And Turn Into A Note

How To Create An Online Mental Map And Turn Into A Note

Create a Mind Map Online and Transform in a note on a Jiffy with ExamTime!

When it comes to planning an essay, writing an overview or brainstorming , create a mind map is perfect. However, sometimes you can not do everything when you create a mind map, so we have other educational tools that can help you create study features like  NotesQuiz and FlashCards .

We know that feeling often when we finished one Mind Map is that we have more things to add, thinking that we have a novelty in ExamTime. Now you can turn your Mind Map in a note. And what is the advantage of that? By creating a mind map online, sometimes, you want to turn that content into a presentation or summary meeting or an essay for the Vestibular or ESMS.

create a mind map online


This new feature is perfect for those times when you want to turn your ideas into a text! Instead of having to create a note based on your Mind Map, you can now just click on “Create Note” and we do all the work for you! After you click to create note and transfer all the information you can check the contents organized in boxes and you can start building from there. We transfer all images or resources that have been attached to this new page, you will not miss any of the information you have on your mind map.

 Expand Your Ideas

Once you have everything transferred to a note becomes much easier to expand your ideas there. You can change the titles that outlined in your Mind Map to paragraphs in an essay for the ENEM or vestibular, or a summary of the previous class. Those who have used the Mind Map to brainstorm  can turn it into a summary of the meeting and send to all participants! You can, when you have a note, continue to include pictures, links to important sites and videos. Check out the image below:


create a mind map online

Just a simple click and you turn your mind map and a Note! Now you can include more information, videos and links your notes!

create a mind map online


Why Create a Mind Map and Turn it on Note?

If you are a teacher and you want to  create a mental map with the students in the classroom, transfer it to a note and then get them to expand the ideas from there. Everyone will have different conclusions to draw from the ideas so that this tool is great for class discussions. If you are studying, for example can bring together the main points of the lesson and then turn into a summary.

Utilities to create a mind map and turn it into a note are numerous:

1. Solve case studies;
2.  Create outline essays and projects;
3.  Structuring meetings and presentations;
4. Express a structured and complete form ideas;
5. Create synergy between subjects. This is all in addition to being practical and simple, especially with ExamTime is online so you can access from anywhere, among others.

The advantage of all this is that the educational tools to create study resources ExamTime  allow you to easily start and finish any task quickly.

Did you like the news? Join now ExamTime and start to create a mind map and see how easy it is!

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