How is village life before technology and after technology?

Our parents are surprised every time a new technological article comes out !! Why? When they were boys, the devices of today, before they were IMPENSED !!! In his time, things were VERY DIFFERENT !! How much? Notice: 

Cell phones

Although you do not believe it, the first cell phone was so big and it weighed like a brick !! Since I had no touch screen and less than less Internet access. Impossible to imagine!

Photo camera

The first camera was giant and to take a picture you had to hide behind a black cloth !! Can you imagine it? Today there are super light digital cameras with double screens. They are the most!!


Incredible how the automotive industry evolved !! The old cars have nothing to do with those of now! For example, Justin Bieber’s cars look like spaceships!

Movie player

This change is surprising! The cinema evolved and a lot … Of having to use a giant and super complicated device to buy dvds .


Very shocking! Move from the desktop computer with black and white PC to a portable tablet, super practical and light. No wonder our parents have a hard time learning to use a touch screen !

Storage device

Do you imagine saving your files on a floppy disk that often did not work and you could only store a photo? Yes, even if you do not believe it, the floppy disk was used for a long time but disappeared when the CDs were created and now the Pendrives where you can store many files and do not get ruined. Great!!

Music players 

Surely you’ve seen or heard about the famous record player. This device was used to listen to music in homes and only played vinyl records that are giants! Now you can find in most houses, a music player where you can connect your iPod or your cell and play the songs from there!


Did you see the music stereos for the car that have a screen and are touch ? Well, these devices are usually in cars and allow you to reproduce everything! Obviously this was not always the case. The oldest radio was as big as a piece of furniture and only broadcast a radio program! Amazing, right?


What a change! We went from the TV cabinet with curved screen to an 84-inch LED with audio system included. WOW !!

Video game

Did you ever hear about the Family Game? This was a console to which you had to change the cartridges to play different adventures and now is on sale the Play Station 4 that allows you to access the Internet to download games. Very good!!

Personal music players

Before there was no possibility to download music files to your cell or to an mp3 / mp4. There was the Walkman where you put a cassette and through headphones you listened to the recorded music, but this is not all .. To listen to the cassette again you had to rewind it manually !! Not crazy?

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