Final study resource: Get to know the new Notes Online!

Final study resource: Get to know the new Notes Online!

Our latest update will change the way you use ExamTime and also your online learning!

We update our Notes tool, turning it into a definitive study feature that will allow users to:

– Refer to ExamTime resources easily

– Gather in one place all study materials

– Create your online notebook on a single page – perfect for content review

Now you can combine the power of our learning tools with the Notes. Read on to learn how Notes can become an ally for your learning.

The definitive study resource

As you know, with Online Notes you can create a variety of learning resources, including Mind Maps , Flashcards and Quizzes . Each of these learning tools have their benefits to help you learn more and better. However, the time to review the contents , use a single resource, which includes everything you need to know in one place, can be salvation for the student who is running out of time.

And that’s what the new Notes tool means: the definitive learning resource ! To do so, we reconfigure the tool to be your ally at the time of the test review.

What’s new?

By now, you could add images, multimedia and text to your notes. However, our development team has gone further and, from today, you can also enter other ExamTime resources !

Here’s an example:

As you can see, it allows you to conduct a Simulated, test your knowledge with flashcards and enhance their learning with Mind Maps without leaving their Notes.

How to use Notes

If you are preprando for a test, it is always advisable to have a resume in hand to ensure that you know the main topics of a given content. This becomes easier in ExamTime.

– Record the main points you need to know.

– Embed a mind map on the topic.

– Need to know dates, laws or formulas?
Simple, add your flashcards.

– Add more notes with related topics.

– Finally, add a quiz to test your knowledge.

The updated Note is also of great support for teachers. The new ExamTime tool allows the teacher to organize lesson plans and there gather everything you need to pass the knowledge on to their students.

more improvements

Insert resources is not the only novelty of our Notes tool. Guided by her suggestions, we made further improvements in the structure to facilitate their learning.

This was a brief overview of how the new notes may help you. Now, we invite you to try and send your opinion !

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