ExamTime News: New Alerts to Increase Social Learning

ExamTime News: New Alerts to Increase Social Learning

As you may have noticed, we are constantly talking about social learning and learning communities online. This is because we believe that for learning in a social way is essential to create an engaging and effective learning experience.

For the same reason, our latest release is directly linked to social learning and improve communication among their classmates and teachers.

You will notice when entering the ExamTime , we added a system of alerts . The new alerts will keep you informed about what is new in your community learning, notifying you each time a member of the community interacted with you.

You will know immediately when, for example, someone commented on one of your resources, so it’s easier to comment back, making communication with your friends and easiest and most effective teachers.

As new alerts work?

Whenever there is a new alert, you will find a pink circle in the header ExamTime Menu. The number inside the icon above shows the amount of interactions in this area. These alerts are related disciplines , Groups , Friends , private messages or general notifications.

social learning

1. Disciplines:

When you see the pink warning next to “Disciplines” , this means that another member of any ExamTime marked or commented on one of your study resources. To see what kind of interaction, click disciplines and look for the one with the pink icon. You will see highlighted a notification with the word “new” side of the action taken.

social learning

2. Groups:

Any alert “groups”  refers to actions within their communities. It may be another member sharing a resource, a discussion or even alert an invitation to join a new group.

3. Friends:

If you see an alert in the “Friends”, this means that another member invited him to become friends or someone accepted your invitation.

4. Private Message:

You are already familiar with this type of notification. When you receive a message from someone you vizualizará notification. The amount of number corresponds to the number of new messages waiting to be read.

5. Bell:

The bell is a summary of all your alerts. You will identify the quatidade notifications not yet read by the icon next to it. You can easily mark them as read by clicking the “Mark as read”.

social learning

Disabling Alerts for Groups and Disciplines

You can enable / disable alerts easily for groups and disciplines in their settings area. To disable alerts for disicplinas, visit the “Course” section, click the gear icon in the right corner Matters and uncheck the “Enabled Alerts” option. Follow the same steps to disable the alerts for the groups.

social learning

How alerts help teachers

You teacher probably created its online learning community to share resources and knowledge as well as communicate with their students. The new alerts will help you gain visibility on what is happening in their learning communities in real time.

From now on , you will be able to monitor new comments on your shared resources and their students (whether they are members of his ExamTime group) will be advised as soon as you add a comment. Such as sharing a test at the end of a lesson to quickly check how well your students have understood the lesson today: this way you can, for example, monitor all activities performed.

Invite your friends and test yourself!

As you can see, the new alerts sitema brings endless social opportunities to enhance their learning experience. So, why not register at ExamTime now and experience the new system of alerts, as well as all other online study tools and free ? Invite your friends, share some features with them and begin to interact in an online social learning environment!

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