ENEM: kick the laziness of studying to corner and get out the front

ESMS: kick the laziness of studying to corner and get out the front

examtime-enem-kick-a-sloth-of-studyMissing five months for ENEM 2014 may seem a long time to some, while to others. But the truth is that, even at World Cup time, the student who really want to win this stage find time to study. And we of ExamTime we put together a list of tips to start studying for ENEM already! So come see our reasons for leaving the lazy to study away!

As you know, more and more colleges adhere to ENEM as single entrance examination for their courses such is the competition. According to the Ministry of Education, the number of entries this year increased from 9.5 million. The state with the most entries was São Paulo, with 1,476,041, followed by Minas Gerais, with 1,057,521; Bahia, with 707,835; Rio de Janeiro, with 691,789; and Ceará, with 596,568.

Therefore, ExamTime shows you five reasons that will make you get the review of studies for proof of ENEM now. Plus, we’ll also show you how to study for the exam with the study guide ENEM 2014 .

5 reasons to study for the ENEM now

1. advantage over most of the competitors

We Brazilians are not very famous for doing things in advance. This is a fact. So those who are able to plan and follow these up out in front of the vast majority. Thus in competitions, sport and of course in the Vestibular.

But being organized is not easy. It requires attention and dedication. Hence, technology today is a great ally. You can get see Syllabus with the  study calendar .

Plan, create your goals studies and follow! Do not start studying several hours a day. You hardly able to keep pace and will be discouraged by fatigue. and divide their time, with spaces to rest and eat well.

2. More time to research and ask questions

examtime-enem-kick-a-sloth-of-studyThe vast majority of subscribers to ENEM come from high school. A new crop of students eager to enter the colleges every year. But there are students of preparatory courses, those who have finished school and study on their own.

Whatever the case, the more time for you to research on the issues and matters ENEM the better! And you can always ask questions in online forums, if you do not have powerful support from teachers.

For example, you can be guided with the materials that provide other users with the ExamTime related to ENEM content. Check how much interesting thing is already there.

3. Time to create your own study material

 When you create study materials based on their knowledge, it forces your brain to process the information in a logical manner and this helps to memorize.

  • Make revisions using Mind Maps : When you create a mind map with the main topics of the subjects you will be studying, reviewing and memoriznado.
  • Memorize formulas and definitions using Flashcards : You write the question, word or formula in front of the letter and the response or meaning behind. Create as many Flashcards need, with the main formulas of physics and mathematics, historical dates, among others.
  • Test their performance in studies with the Quiz : create proofs simulating the day of the race. It is even more effective if you do it with friends. Each asks a few questions and share with others. So you forehead and even helps colleagues.

4. Your time is gold!

Suppose you start studying from June 18, just one hour a day during weekdays . Easy, is not it?

This means that until the week of the ESMS, you will have studied 96 hours. Your time is gold so enjoy it in the best way! Go beyond!

5. Statistically, not all games are worth

You know the expectations you have for Brazil’s match against Mexico? Or departures of Argentina with Messi. Or even to Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo? Well, chances are that these matches are disappointing, as we have seen in many other instances in past World Cups.

So, do the following: Turn on your computer and take a look at the beginning of the game. If the match starts hot, worth going there. Otherwise, save your time to spend 90 minutes watching a boring game and go invest in your future!

So, how about it? Any chance you win that typical lazy to study and earn a month of studies and preparation against the millions of competitors? Whether you are the champion!

PS. We had any match that really left you disappointed? Review it!

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