Digital Mix: Innovations VK, Facebook and Instagram

Digital Mix: Innovations VK, Facebook and Instagram

Our regular selection of the most important news of social networks: what has changed in the past week, which has created new opportunities and interesting that is worth reading.

1. Without right column

Facebook is testing a new page design desktop version. It will differ from the usual large cover photo, a more prominent button C2A and the lack of the right column with ads. The new design is intended to facilitate users to read information about the company and communication with the business pages.

2. Instagram will business profiles

The possibility of business profiles in Instagram gradually approaching Faebook. The new functionality proven business accounts will be able to measure user engagement and analyze statistics and promote the publication.

3. 360-degree photos are now on Facebook

The newswire Facebook, in addition to a 360-degree video appears, and 360-degree photos, as written in his account, Mark Tsukenberg: “The photo will be similar to the video in 360 degrees – you can rotate the phone and feel as if you really are there” . Function will support panoramic images and photos made by a spherical camera.


4. Extended Statistics VK now available for communities with 5000+ participants

Previously, information about the scope and interaction at the level of the publication was available to communities with the number of the participants 10 000+. Now, the minimum threshold is lowered to 5 000+. In the new version of the design to enable this function can be in the “Entries”.

 5. VK introduced algorithmic tape on all platforms

VKontakte updated mobile application, which is now news feed can also be generated by algorithmic principle instead of chronology. Mode “first interesting” can be enabled or disabled in the news feed settings. Also add a hint of stickers and the ability to view GIF-animation.

And yet …

A few days ago has died down conference IZMENI SOZNANIE – the largest event in the Russian digital-market. prepared an excellent selection of presentations from the conference, many of which are relevant for our market. Recommended!

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