Collaboration: 3 Easy Steps to Share Annotations with ExamTime

Collaboration: 3 Easy Steps to Share with Annotations ExamTime

When you think of school, you remember? Most likely, your learning journey began in a classroom surrounded by your colleagues. We have always been surrounded by classmates and teachers to help us in the process of learning and social environment that is crucial to good performance in school, this collaborative environment and coexistence makes productive learning.

share notesTechnology has changed and our relationship with learning therefore also. We currently have access to a vast amount of information, we can easily connect with people over the internet through different types of platforms. However, when it comes to studying for exams, most students approach the preparation of memorizing information without the support of its most useful study resources – your friends and colleagues !

Below we highlight the benefits of studying with your classmates and steps to help you begin the process and share notes, in a collaborative study using the internet.

Benefits of Social Studies and Collaboration

1.Economiza time and effort: One of the best things about participation in collaborative learning through the study of sharing notes with a friend is that it can save you a tremendous amount of time, effort and finally stress. Choose a trusted colleague (or two) to share your study notes, divide the issues between you, create study resources for your chosen topics and share between you. Remember, do not be lazy – do not expect your study partner do all the work! Do your part and you can make use of of your colleagues study resource.

2.Ganhar new perspectives and knowledge: The real value of learning by sharing study resources created by someone else can you have an entirely new vision of another person on a particular concept. This mix of views will give you an advantage when it comes to your exams. So you will be able to answer questions in a more subtle way demonstrating your full understanding. Your friends study will give you new ideas and facts you never could and be able to do the same for them. Everyone is a winner!

3.Mantem you motivated:  Studying in groups, you and your friends can create Mind Maps , Notes , Quizzes and FlashCards and share between you. If you are using ExamTime to study and share your notes online , you will be able to keep your friends and motivate each other to study and produce more and more. In addition, our tool Groups allows converses with your colleagues, exchange ideas, take questions and stay up to date on the studies.

Study Resource Sharing

share notesSharing study resources is essential for collaborative work. This makes the study more effective because you can easily collaborate with your colleagues to benefit from the social study.

ExamTime offers many options to share your notes. If you want to share a personal study help, click on the “Share” will allow the compartilhes with friend on ExamTime, incorporating the HTML code on your blog or website, or share the link URL simply by sharing it via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn).

Like Share Using groups

If you want you can create a select group of people, you can use the tool in ExamTime function Groups  to connect, communicate and share your private notes. Follow these three simple steps to share with groups:

1.Convida a friend:  Invite your colleagues to join ExamTime visiting the “Friends” tab enter the e-mail address or username. If they are not already a member of ExamTime , first they will receive an email inviting them to join our learning community .

2. Create one Group:  Select the option to create a new group in the “Groups” tab. Once your group is created, you can click to add your friends easily or invite new users to join your study group .

3.Compartilhar Resources Study:  Click on the “Resources” within your new study group and select what you want to share with members.

Share study resources and create groups is a way to bring the classroom to the virtual world. Begins to create and share study notes with ExamTime! Starts here, it’s free !

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