Beetrack participates in meeting with leading companies in E-commerce

Beetrack Participates in Meeting with leading companies in E-commerce

Looking ahead to the growth of the digital economy in Chile, the Global Business Magazine organized a breakfast that brought together different companies engaged in e – commerce, couriers and suppliers of technologies and logistics services, among which highlighted the involvement of Beetrack , Chilexpress and Linio, among other.

The main objective of this analysis was to analyze the future of e-commerce in a context in which the buying and selling items online is on the rise. The Chamber of Commerce of Santiago (CCS) predicts that sales this year to reach US $ 3,700 million, which would mean an increase of 20% compared to 2016 (US $ 3,074 million). Only for Christmas, for example, the CCS estimates that sales in excess of 30% achieved in 2016 numbers for the holidays.

At the meeting, experts discussed the main challenges of the sector, among which he stressed the need to meet deadlines committed to delivering purchases.


Philip Porter , of Beetrack Commercial Manager for Peru and company representative at the meeting, said:

The most important thing is to keep informed about what is happening to the client. Office windows are usually 12 hours (eg, from 9:00 to 21:00), but now with tools like our company can tell the customer that your order will arrive between 9:00 and 10:00 ” .

Beetrack offers software that allows online monitoring the path of a product from leaving the department store until it reaches the consumer’s hands in real time.

The idea is to lower the rate of uncertainty and reduce the number of claims for the retail is well evaluated , says Porter.

Since 2013, year in which the company was born, 220 companies have engaged the services of Beetrack in Chile, Mexico and Peru.

However, this market is still a sector that is just sitting their bases in Latin America. In Chile, the digital economy represents about 3% of gross domestic product (GDP) according to the latest report of the CCS, while in countries like Japan, the United States and members of the European Union, the digital economy contributes between 7- 8% of the respective GDP.

Another point that took the meeting’s agenda was the effort to which companies engaged in e-commerce, so that the end customer, get a positive experience in the process. For this, options such as retirement Store is one of the most preferred choices among consumers. In addition, cases were shared in that assemble products reach the stipulated time, but the armed service is not the same day, causing gaps that end up muddying the ultimate customer experience.


Faced with this challenge, Beetrack developed another service that is able to coordinate the dispatch of the store with the service armed with small margins of difference without transferring the cost to the customer. Sebastian Ojeda, CEO of Beetrack says

“One of the big concerns is the retail shopping experience that the client, as it is key to consumer loyalty. Therefore, the use of technologies such as software we develop, take center stage when securing the supply efficiency of online sales. “

In a market that expects to double its size by 2020, according to figures from the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago, Beetrack has been working with key players in local retail, such as Paris, Ripley, Easy, Johnson, ABC Din, Hites 5 years La Polar, among others.


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