Apps to Study: 8 Indispensable Apps

Apps to Study: 8 Indispensable Apps

Applications to studyToday, thanks to new technology, student life is much easier, since there are hundreds of applications for students that help to deal with the daily study tasks. Thus, when using them, you can focus on more important activities.

Here we bring you a selection of 8 Applications to Study that will help students to keep up. Our list includes apps for Android and Apple iOS apps that will help you study for the Entrance Examination as well as day-to-day of school. Oh, almost all are free!

8 Application For Study

1. selfcontrol

It’s time to study, you sit at your desk and begins to create a mind map to organize your ideas. However, when you just created, social networks you take your attention … It is so easy to waste a moment of concentration!

To avoid this, this app allows you to block certain websites for a certain time previously established by you, so you can focus on studies and avoid distractions as common as social networks. Best of all is that, once established these locks, you can not access these sites in any way, this will help you stay focused.

Applications to study
Applications to study


2. The Elements: A Visual Exploration

Great application to study chemistry especially when it comes from the periodic table. Choose any element and see 3D images of different objects made from the chosen substance. It can be used on Ipad. It is available in French, German, English and Japanese.

Applications to study   Applications to study

3. Babylon

Knowing a second language and even a third today is important! We have something that will help. Babylon is an excellent application to study languages and an online translator for over 75 languages. With it you can solve all your questions on the meaning of key vocabulary for your evidence and in your day-to-day as well.

Applications to study   Applications to study   Applications to study

4.RealCalc Scientific Calculator

You left your calculator at home? How can you solve equations and cube roots now in class? RealCalc Scientific Calculator is the answer. This application for students includes all the functions of a scientific calculator, Converters, adding units and many other mathematical functions.

Applications to study Applications to study


Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. The people around us can have a major influence on the way we think and behave. Would you like to surround yourself with some of the most fascinating people in the world? Educators geniuses, radical technology, medical, business experts and legends of music, TED is all about. Enjoy the best conference in the world with this educational app that will open your mind. Moreover, most of them have subtitles in Portuguese!

Applications to study   Applications to study   Applications to study

6. Cola Mathematics 

Who never needed a force to remember the various mathematical formulas. This application to study mathematics of a force to remember and even helps with tips on problem solving. The application also serves to geometric problems.

Applications to study   Applications to study   Applications to study

7. New Spelling Agreement

The application itself name already explains. It is a great application to study and understand the changes in Portuguese. Free, focuses on tips hyphen in use, and other items of the Portuguese language that are causing doubts and concern primarily for drafting the Vestibular.

Applications to study   Applications to study   Applications to study


8. GoConqr

Applications to studyThe most important! Say we have to say this property! Our application to study offers several tools. Through it you can create Mind Map , Quiz , FlashCards , Notes  and  Study Plan . It is great as it brings together all the educational tools in one place. It is designed for students and teachers who want to put the technology in routine studies. It is compatible with all operating systems and any mobile phone, tablet or computer that has internet access!

Now meet the applications for Study of GoConqr. Click here !

Applications to study   Applications to study   Applications to study

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