All about Mental Maps

All about Mental Maps

We have spoken repeatedly about the mental maps , but never had stopped to tell in detail what is a mind map. So in this post we will tell you all about mind maps. Read on to find out:

  • What is a mental map
  • Names Mind Maps
  • Differences between mental maps and conceptual maps
  • For what serves a mind map
  • 6 Benefits of making your online mind map
  • Guide on how to make your online mind map

           1. What is a Mind Map

A mind map is a diagram representing ideas and concepts that are based on a main idea. To this end, at one point or central node that ideas are connected, related words and designs.

How to Create a Mind Map

One of the precursors of mental maps is Tony Buzan in his book “Use Your Head” encouraged to make and use mind maps as a technique to improve learning. Today mental maps are widely recognized as an effective method to improve understanding and memorizing, organizing ideas graphically.

          2. Mental or Mind Maps Map

Although currently the mental maps are not as well known in Portugal for sure already heard about them on occasion. In English, they are often referred to as mind maps . In addition, there are many people q the call concept mapping or summary tables . Although they have their differences, which is a mental map, are also terms used by many to refer to the mental maps.

          3. The differences between a mental map and concept map

As we mentioned earlier, there are many people who use the term to refer to the conceptual map – mental maps. And although they have many similarities, their nature is actually a little different.

According to Donald Joseph Novak, an expert on concept maps, concept maps are usually composed of “circles or boxes, connected by lines, which contain words or phrases that represent the relationship between them.” So far, both as a mental map … The main difference is that a concept map are represented hierarchically and connecting lines are either in a way and in both. Another characteristic of concept maps is that they can have a circular structure, which does not happen in a mind map.

On the other hand, the power of mind mapping is its flexibility to express ideas (which allows the use of colors and patterns) and the ability to migrate a central theme to the last detail.

In all cases, remember that with the software to generate mind maps ExamTime can also create concept maps with certain structures easily.

  4. For then for serving a mental map

As we have seen, a mind map is a graphical representation of your ideas organized and related to a concept (axis) director. What is the practical use that can give a mental map? Here are some examples of how to use mind maps:

  • Mind maps as a study tool

Being a graphic, mind maps are a perfect study tool for those who learn better in a visual way.

  • Organize ideas using mind maps

Moreover, by its nature, mind maps are ideal for organizing ideas and get an overview of the general topics in a simple way. For example, if you are studying the history of the contemporary world, you might want to get an overview of what happened in World War II.

From a central axis, the “World War II”, you can create nodes or secondary branches to connect and connect the information that you have studied in class about this historical fact.

Once do your mental map, you will have a graphical representation of all events concerning this protagonists of the war, important dates, battles, the countries involved, and more. So you organized all these ideas before disconnected in your mind, connecting all the dots and thus improving your general understanding of the subject.

mental maps

  • brainstorms

Another of the most common uses is to use mind maps for brainstorming. From an initial idea, we can develop it to reach a conclusion.

  •  Take notes

You can also draw mind maps to take notes. Instead of escreveres what the teacher says, word for word, capturing the key ideas and link them, as the teacher moves in his explanation of the topic. This way you can focus your attention to hear what is being said, rather than writing. If you are a person with a learning style auditory and visual, this practice can be very beneficial.

  •  Decision Making

Imagine you are trying to decide what career to study. You can create a mind map to list the pros and cons of studying each of the degrees. Part of the central idea “What career studying” list and study areas that interest you. Then just add us with reasons to choose or not choose this career. If at the end you have more reasons for and against for any of them, your decision will be made!

  • compositions Planning

When doing any kind of writing, it is a dissertation as a plain-text comment must plan the structure of the text first. For this, you can begin to create a mental map that helps you to organize your ideas and creative level.

         5. Guide to make a mental map online

Make a mind map is a very simple process. And thanks to the new Educational ExamTime tools , instead of drawing a mind map on paper, now you can create a mind map in digital format. Here are the keys to creating a mind map online easily.

  • Choose a theme for your mental map.
  • Create a topic with the title of your mind map.
  • Let your imagination.
  • Add branches to the central node, with everything that comes to mind in relation to the central theme.
  • Apply colors, and font size of the text that best fit the idea that each node.
  • Try the text of each node as specific as possible.
  • Ask your friends to help you complete the mind map. They can provide important new topics that you had not thought of.
  • Reconnects us to other areas. When developing your mind map, ExamTime have the option to move any topic and connect it to another with ease.
  • Remember, an online mental map does not have to be static. When you make a mental map online, this is dynamic. That is, you can return to it at any time, modify or add more nodes.

With ExamTime can create mind maps in Portuguese! and more:

  • Accesses your mind maps from any device, mobile, iPad, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac …
  • Share your mind map with friends and groups, or you can insert it into blogs and websites.
  • Transform your mind maps in PDF or images.
  • Creates mental maps with us unlimited and edit them whenever you want. Your mind has no limits.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless, mind maps, and its development is no mystery. It is as simple as choosing a theme and start generating your map!

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